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10mm, 6mm & 4mm Pterodactyl laser-cut kit released!

We are slowly migrating all of our designs away from round dowels and into pre-cut square ones that come with the model. There are two HUGE advantages to this! First, the client no longer needs to go to the hardware store to find, measure and cut wooden dowels and second, everything “just fits” right out of the box! So if you feel you are re-living past blog posts, now you know why, it isn’t deja vue 😉

> Laser-Cut Kits (10mm)
Approximate dimensions: 45cm long, 12cm high and with a wingspan of 29cm. Material thickness is 10mm.

> Laser-Cut Kits (6mm)
Approximate dimensions: 27cm long, 7cm high and with a wingspan of 17.5cm. Material thickness is 6mm. You get twins with this size!

> Laser-Cut Kits (4mm)
Approximate dimensions: 18cm long, 5cm high and with a wingspan of 11.5cm. Material thickness is 4mm.

You can find the complete laser-cut kit collection of our wooden pterodactyl on our site under Theme / Pre-Historic / Dinosaurs / Pterodactyl.