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1-cncking Over 3 Million Views Across 800 Videos!

Over 3 Million Views Across 800 Videos!

I first joined January 2nd, 2008 when the online world was a VERY different place.

It was costing a lot of money streaming videos and back then, you had Revver which was one of the first sites to offer revenue sharing – so, not only was I getting free streaming bandwidth but paid to use it too!

As things progressed, all the other video sites folded and was basically the only one standing. Before Google bought, they had their own Google Video and yes, I was on there too.

During this time, I was traveling around the world, South Korea, Australia, Japan, China and so forth… designing and selling digital files to customers to fund my dreams of eventually building a custom shop.

The resolutions have increased first to 720 and now 1080HD and soon 4K but back then, due to the crazy rendering times (and internet was slow), I did most of our videos at 480 and even that took days to do!

Equipment was expensive, from my experience in the 3D world where a workstation with dual processors costs North of 10K$US, CNC was even higher!

From these humble beginnings, we got into industrial 3D animation for companies around the world, you have to remember that back then, nobody really understood or knew what 3D was, sort of like where lasers and CNC equipment is today but more extreme in the general public’s mind.

I hope this gives you a bit of a glimpse as to where the beginnings of began and insight into where it’s going. There is a crazy amount of creativity here to put towards your custom project, it’s by no means something that got created overnight but a lifelong pursuit to offer something that’s unique.

The above 3D animation is by far my favorite but four years later, this is how much the technology changed (2008 to 2012). I had been busy self-publishing books during this time as well, to show other people with CNC machines that I didn’t have (yet) what was possible using their machines.

I had no way of testing what I was doing so that’s where the 3D came in very handy, I was able to virtually test and design my models before selling the files over at

After almost two years in Australia, living in Adelaide then Perth, I decided it was time to open-up I had the experience with Trotec Lasers under my belt, the design knowledge and the customer base that would allow me to fulfill my dreams. I thought I’d jump into the physical kit business!

Well, the physical kit business didn’t go according to plan (nothing really does) so I pivoted and began offering custom CNC services to companies far and wide and began developing the market. At first, it was tough, I had no samples, no videos and no photos of stuff we’ve done for others.

To add insult to injury, the vast majority of our projects were covered under NDA which means we can’t even share what we did after an awesome project was done!

The solution was obvious, make a bunch of content with our company branding related to stuff we’ve done in the past or would like to do and publish it! And that’s how was able to grow from nothing to something in the market.

From the absolute beginning, I knew I had to focus the company on B2B though we do stuff for the general public as well. The reasons are simple, they have the volume so instead of spending time on one widget, they have thousands which is optimal for our processes and most cost-effective for all involved.

Everything we have in the shop is top shelf, from our industrial grade jigsaw to 3 and 2 HP extractors. When the switch is flipped, is HAS to work and it goes!

Our industrial wide-format laser was the FIRST of its kind HERE and was imported from Austria! Having two laser sources in one machine has been a fantastic investment as it allows us to work on just about any material out there.

What I find most surprising about the growth curve that has been is that we’ve managed to grow through a global downturn, slashed budgets and an incredibly competitive marketplace. Unlike in 1996 when I founded my 3D animation studio, people aren’t throwing money at you to solve problems.

And there you have it, a small glimpse into what we do here at and how it all came into being. It takes a special kind of crazy to start a business during a recession but we’ve managed to strive during these hard times, as have our customers, so we are all in a good bunch.

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