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BySprintFiber4020 6 kW Bystronic BySprint Fiber 3015

6 kW Bystronic BySprint Fiber 3015 from the very beginning has been focused on partnering with companies that augment our abilities tremendously, from metal stamper that allow us to produce tags of any size and material to be CNC fiber laser marked or annealed to an industrial 6 kW Bystronic BySprint Fiber 3015 laser with a 120”X 60” quick change bed!

BySprintFiber4020 6 kW Bystronic BySprint Fiber 3015

Feeder Equipment

It’s interesting when you think about the incredible synergy that’s capable between different CNC capital equipment operated by the best businesses in Southern Ontario! Our awesome Austrian Trotec Speedy 400 flexx with both a CO2 and Fiber laser tube loves to mark stuff from their 6 kW kin just as well as wooden blanks from our CNC ShopBot router!

These machines are massive, incredibly powerful and impressive but putting them all together into a supply chain that benefits our clients takes a bit of creativity and an understanding of the end product they produce. It all depends on the project at hand and the volume… sometimes it makes more sense to fiber cut using an industrial 6 kw Bystronic BySprint Fiber 4020 laser over a stamping machine due to the details or size requirements. Each technology has a + and -, its knowing which produces the best result that takes time to learn through real-world experience!

I tend to call this feeder equipment, some of our samples blow our customers away because they have simply never been given the possibility to completely customize their offerings in the way we offer them… and we are always on the lookout for companies that can further give our clients even more cutting edge results. From design to production (including metal forming), the amount of custom we can offer is incredible!

BySprintFiber4020 6 kW Bystronic BySprint Fiber 3015

Anodized Aluminium fresh off the production line, on our custom acrylic jig and needing to be cleaned!

“Custom Tags for our Custom Machine”

One of our customers put it perfectly after we finished sorting out the details for their custom machine tags, they said “why not have custom tags for our custom machine?” and I thought that was a fantastic way to put things into perspective. There is so much engineering work that goes into the products some of our clients produce, putting a stock screen printed aluminium plate seems like as waste… at least go with something colorful like fiber marked anodized aluminium, available in a variety of textures and colors!

Take that a step further, we can create custom machine plates that match your name badges (we can make those too to spec) which match your metal business cards and custom formed reception plate at your office… it never really ends!

BySprintFiber4020 6 kW Bystronic BySprint Fiber 3015

Able to cut and mark metal is one thing, being able to further customize it by metal forming it is quite another… and we can do that too! Send us your DXF engineering drawings, material of choice and we’ll let you know the costs to produce it… and if you need it powder coated or anodized, that’s also something we can get done for you by the best companies in the business!

With, you tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen, that’s the ultimate custom! Contact us with what you need done along with volume and budget numbers and let’s get the ball rolling!

BySprintFiber4020 6 kW Bystronic BySprint Fiber 3015