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custom-cake-topper-xx8 7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper

7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper

You NEED a custom cake topper! Everybody has something to celebrate and generally, it involves cake (cup or traditional) and guess what happens to that generic cake topper (number generally)? It gets thrown out as soon as the party is over, well, why not have a custom cake topper that keeps the memories of the whole event alive for years to come?

7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper #1 ~Awesome Branding Opportunity!

If you run a company hosting a corporate event or retreat, having make you a custom cake topper is by far the best bang for your buck. Why? Because all the memories associated with that event will be attached to that huge cake everybody can’t wait to eat. The people going to the party will most likely forget EVERYTHING but what they will remember, is that cake.

This is why it isn’t an option to just get any old cake topper you pickup at the local department store, you NEED a custom cake topper that will literally burn into the minds and hearts of your staff, visitors and guests.

The problem with cake is that it gets eaten and “thrown away” the next day after digestion, so there is nothing tangible to attached that spirit of friendship or of the event or people and knowledge that were shared happily and in full spirits a few weeks and months down the road.

A custom cake topper is something that you can keep and hang on the wall at reception or give out as a gift to the best sales or marketing person in the team. Each time they look at this, they will REMEMBER that awesome event or retreat you had. This is a fantastic way to boost morale as it also makes for a great ice breaker to begin discussions.

cnc-mirror-cake-topper-x7 7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper

7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper #2 ~ Custom MEANS Custom makes our custom cake toppers completely from scratch using the material, sizing, details and volume you want. If you don’t have a design, we can make it as well. Bottom line is that every aspect of your custom cake topper can be personalized from start to finish. EVERY ASPECT!

This includes having the custom cake topper in the shape or spirit of your corporate logo, having it as part of the decorations in the event or retreat such as an oversized one where everybody signs upon coming in (which you keep for the office later) after the event with a mini version for the cake itself.

cnc-mirror-cake-topper-x7 7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper

As we make everything from scratch, you have a choice of endless material combinations, from stainless steel through to laminates, real wood veneers and lamacoids. Just about any aspect can be customized with your message, cut through, solid, multi-leveled and even with custom LED lights if you wish.

Want to integrate your corporate colors? No problem! Have a specific number or wording that you want or even want to give each person a cup cake with their own customized and personalized cake topper? No problem! We can make custom cake toppers to suit any scale!

We specialize in making things that not only stand out but are made specifically to your specs!

7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper #3 ~ Quick Turn Around

We focus on speedy turnaround for our customers, while generally, we prefer to have at least a week if not two, after the design is sorted, just so you don’t pay an arm and a leg in shipping, production generally takes 24 hours.

We bought industry leading equipment, have a growing inventory of “rough stock” and full internal design capabilities (if you don’t have an EPS for us). This means, if you have a last-minute event or birthday and need something fast and personalized, is able to pull it off!

cnc-mirror-cake-topper-x7 7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper

This is why we are able to offer personalized and customized custom cake toppers for a variety of occasions in record time. Have a birthday, wedding, corporate event, Christmas party, New Years celebration? Whatever your need for a custom cake topper, is a dependable supplier that can get it to you fast.

A common question I get is “what resolution can you work up to” and the answer is pretty straight forward, whatever the base material we are working with for your project, regardless of what it is. For instance, if you want incredibly small and sharp text, let’s say font size of “2”, then having a custom cake topper made out of basswood isn’t the way to go. It isn’t strong enough and to be thin enough for a small custom cake topper, just not the right material for the application.

I’d suggest having us make a custom cake topper out of red cedar instead, it’s far stronger, shows higher resolution and even smells great! If you were open to something more exotic that wasn’t wood, and had a budget to support it, annealing stainless steel would be an even better choice!

This is the power of custom product development and production, we can marry material with design to produce the optimal results you are after for your application. In this case, a custom cake topper made out of material that will support your font size “2” level of detail.

Quick doesn’t mean that we cut corners either, we have incredibly accurate CNC equipment, so even big production runs are done as accurately whether you require one custom cake topper or hundreds or thousands in your material and design of choice. How accurate? We are within 5 nanometers of accuracy with our laser, and this doesn’t change as it’s built-into our machines.

7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper #4 ~ Mix & Match with other custom stuff!

As we make everything for you from scratch, we can also make matching party favors or signage to go along with your custom cake topper.Those party favors can literally be anything, from custom engraved and cut invitation cards through to full sized mock-ups of words that you hang on a wall behind the whole event.

cnc-mirror-cake-topper-x7 7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper

For instance, do you want to hand out custom key chains to all your staff or party friends so they remember the special event? Like our custom cake toppers, they are made just for you within spec and can be individually personalized and customized on the fly.

That personalization can be as simple as a number change on the custom cake topper you need to get to entire design and material changes. Things can get as extensive as you have time and money for.

Want to hand out novelty signage with your personal brand or message laser engraved or 3D engraved for specific guests? We can do that too, regardless of material, size, thickness or branding requirements. We have a wide-format industrial CNC laser, sand blaster and CNC router among many other tools in the shop, as a result, we can make just about anything you need.

cnc-mirror-cake-topper-x7 7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper

There are endless opportunities for you regarding mix and matching other custom items to go with your custom cake topper! We’ve even make custom cutting boards, drink coasters and custom rubber stamps that tie just about everything you want for your event together nicely!

So, whatever you can think of, and have the budget for and timeline, can make it for you!

7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper #5 ~ You are in control

We can take-on your project at any step of the production process, if you are a graphic designer and have your own fantastical design you want to see made for your custom cake topper, is here to help!

If you are a person with a birthday coming-up and don’t know a thing about design, materials or colors, we can also help you out just as easily.

cnc-mirror-cake-topper-x7 7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper

We’ve made custom cake toppers from very specific CAD files that an engineer sent to us down to senior citizens who send us a picture of what they like from a Google search with instructions of how they want their to be designed like.

An extreme example of this was a customer that said they have absolutely no idea what they wanted but they needed a custom cake topper with three balloons on it, as a result, we made the custom cake topper you see below out of wood and a bonus out of mirrored acrylic that was painted as a surprise, 95th birthday parties required something out of their budget but it’s special so we did it anyhow.

We are not a retail shop that says “pick from this shelf and pay at the counter”, we are a custom CNC shop that says “send us your ideas and we’ll make it for you” and as such, offer you the flexibility and control over every aspect of what you want made, start to finish.

This is a MASSIVE step forward that we are offering to you! You know you need a custom cake topper, finding a shop that has the experience, dedication and heart to do it for you is quite another. Luckily, you’ve found!

cnc-mirror-cake-topper-x7 7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper

7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper #6 ~ It’s affordable!

You’d think that getting a custom cake topper would cost an arm and a leg but that isn’t necessarily true! The price is very much up to you.

I’ll make no illusions that we are more expensive than the dollar store down the street, we use industrial equipment to make what you want personalized and customized but price point is one of those things we sort out from the start!

Given how custom everything we do is, we don’t like surprises anymore than you do, so you know the cost and timeline way before you fork over your war chest to us to begin making your custom stuff.

cnc-mirror-cake-topper-x7 7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper

Due to the fact that we make everything on demand, if your requirements don’t match your budget, we’ll suggest alternatives in the next breath! You may need a custom cake topper but if you are flexible with material and design parameters, you’ll be able to save yourself money if that’s more important to you.

Yeah, I know you’d love that 6 ft tall custom cake topper to hang on the wall behind your cake but if you only have a budget for a 1 ft tall painted MDF or acrylic mirror version, we’ve done enough custom cake toppers to show you the right direction right off the bat.

The easiest way to proceed with a custom CNC shop such as ourselves, if you are new to the process is to send us an idea of what you want, the material preference, when you need it for and your budget.

Based off this information from you, we’ll be able to tell you almost immediately what we can do for you. Please keep in mind that you want to give the entire process at MINIMUM a week and probably 2-3 is better. Why? Because sometimes raw materials take a week to arrive to the shop if you MUST have it made using XYZ.

Additionally, if there is painting, we prefer to let is dry here instead of in the package on its way to you, this alone adds another 24 hours which may or may not (material depending) immediately after we make it.

cnc-mirror-cake-topper-x7 7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper

Sadly, we do not own a shipping company, but from experience, you want to give the shipping company a week to send your custom cake topper from our shop to your location. A prime example of how unpredictable shipping can be, we’ve had things arrive “next day” but were sent regular parcel and other packages sent “next day” that took a week to get there!

Just because you need a custom cake topper for a specific date doesn’t mean the shipping company NEEDS to get it to you on time, always keep this in mind. We may NEED to get it it done for tomorrow but after it leaves the shop, it gets there when it gets there and no amount of stress will make that truck and delivery move any faster.

Save yourself the stress, as you aren’t going to reschedule your event or birthday, and get things done earlier than later.

7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper #7 ~ We have LOTS of custom experience!

One of the reasons why can be so fast when it comes to making custom cake toppers is due to the fact that we’ve made A LOT OF CUSTOM CAKE TOPPERS and more importantly, we do CUSTOM all day, every day!

There is a lot to be said about designing and making custom projects for customers across a huge variety of materials and specs every day of the year, no matter how traditional or wacky your ideas are, chances are, we’ve done it already and generally, many times at that.

Want a custom cake topper that has a matching donation box at the front to go along with the event? Yep, we’ve done that and then some. Want us to CNC laser engrave bricks with your special event commemorated on them to be layed at the front door of your building? Yep, done that too! Want custom furniture to set your cake on with a matching custom cake topper? Yep, done that too.

Want proof? Here are the videos (customer privacy is important to us so these are changed to showcase what we did using different design but same idea)!

Regardless of how custom you want to go, can help you out!

You can count on us!

I hope this blog post helps to illustrate what is possible by leveraging our custom design and production expertise towards your requirements, personal, business or both, we have the equipment, expertise and passion to pull it off. This is why you NEED a custom cake topper!

Need custom cake toppers made JUST FOR YOU? Contact right now!

cnc-mirror-cake-topper-x7 7 Reasons why you NEED a Custom Cake Topper