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Amazingly Creative $50K US Wood Table!

I saw this video of a wood table and it blew me away… not only is it incredibly functional in either modes but just look at how it transitions. This, my friends, is creative woodcraft at its best!

Wood Table Details

This incredible wood table is called the Fletcher Capstan Table and is available from dbfletcher DESIGN for a cool $50KUS dollars depending on the exchange rate! By simply rotating the table, the customer is able to effectively double the surface area of the table. All the expansion sleeves are stored within the table itself, no need to lug around heavy pieces of what I am assuming is Rosewood and other exotic (heavy) materials. The table is designed for yachts but there is no reason why it couldn’t be placed inside a regular mansion. The entire table can go from one stage to the other in about three seconds and if you aren’t in the mood to turn it yourself, installed with a motor!

More Information

If you wish to purchase or find out more information about this table, you can visit dbfletcher DESIGN at their website:

The Bottom Line

If you love what you do… the seemingly impossible is possible.