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1-book Book Editing Done: Think it, Build it, Sell it!

Book Editing Done: Think it, Build it, Sell it!

The editing is now done on my upcoming book Think it, Build it, Sell it! Here’s the front and back cover – only thing left to be sorted out. These are tentative and not yet edited by a professional.

1-book Book Editing Done: Think it, Build it, Sell it!

And here is the back… still a few mistakes in the wording but otherwise, this is pretty much what you’ll be getting when you order the book. The inside isn’t half bad either, all 500 pages worth. One thing about books is that there are ALWAYS mistakes, the focus of the editor is to find most of them, not all of them… reading though hundreds of pages with a fine tooth comb is tough work!

1-book Book Editing Done: Think it, Build it, Sell it!

I started my journey teaching myself how to design for CNC machines, which I knew next to nothing about at the time.

I learned by trial and error. Eventually founding and later, to help others both learn and enjoy the fruits of what’s possible using these incredible machines.

After some time, I acquired CNC machines while building up an extensive resources of project files and contacts across the
manufacturing and design industries.

What became evident to me is that there are so many different creative strata of understanding required to succeed in these fields that it’s easy to become overwhelmed as to where to start!

From designing your own product lines to be made abroad and founding your own design firm to building lasting relationships through extensive outreach, the choices and directions you can take as a designer and business owner are vast.

Entrepreneurs have a lot in common with designers and vice versa, each action causes a reaction and where they lead are
unpredictable. They are both passionate and incredibly creative.

My goal with this book is to try to bring all these worlds together into one resource that’s easily understood and acted
upon. From different methods of designing to production and licensing, gain insight that will give you the knowledge and
inspiration required to succeed with as few missteps as possible!

Time and experience have shown me that design, like entrepreneurship, aren’t a field of study but a lifestyle wheresuccess comes from coming up with creative and profitable
solutions to client problems.

I hope this book becomes an invaluable resource that I very much wished I had when I first got into these various fields.