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1-book My book is now at Walmart!

My book is now at Walmart!

Before I started, I ran and published many books about how to design 3D models using 2D CNC machines.

I ran that for almost 10 years before moving onto but before I did, I wrote a book about HOW I was going to launch and grow this business, I don’t believe in business plans, but I do believe in planning a few things and oddly enough, one of my biggest customers was one I contacted while I lived in Australia and had just bought our Austrian CNC laser.

Long story short, I’ve published many books and I just noticed my most recent one, V5: Think It, Build It, Sell It! is now available at!

Here’s the link

1-book My book is now at Walmart!

I’m surprised at how well everything I stuck into that huge book worked, has outgrown two shops thus far and has clients across three continents now!

I’d probably update a few things with technology and simply the fact that I’ve been in the trenches of custom designing for the past 3 years but overall, if you ever wanted to get some insight into the industry, how to design things and how to start and grow a business, this has been an invaluable resource to me.