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Bird Feeder B

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This stylish bird feeder is sure to become the favorite hangout for the local bird population! This strong bird feeder is just what you needed to make your neighborhood the “in place” for the local bird population. It also features a more modern design with a single roof panel. All that is needed for assembly is some carpenters glue and a few hours to allow everything to dry together.

  • 8 pieces
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Assembly instructions are found within the CNC Design Anthology but if you don’t want to buy the books, we’ll include a printed copy of the assembly instructions with the physical kit.

Model Kit Made On-Demand makes all our physical model kits on-demand using your material of choice to suit your budget, at any scale in any volume you require to suit your needs. We can sell you these kits fully assembled or in piece form.

Please contact us with your specs and we’ll go from there.

Below are the approximate dimensions of the kits once fully assembled.

Kit (10 mm)
You get two with each order! L: 30 cm, W: 16 cm, H: 18 cm. Material thickness is 10 mm.


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