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CNC Design Anthology (Digital PDF Files)

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These digital PDF books are the perfect reference material for somebody interested in learning more about CNC machines, how to design for them and for business owners looking for ways to augment their income by working in an efficient manner. It is written in a non-technical manner and doesn’t require an engineering degree to understand the key concepts shared in this book.

Digital design vector files (EPS/AI/DXF/SLD etc.) are not included. Books are in non-vector PDF format.

me-with-book-opt CNC Design Anthology (Digital PDF Files) Volume V: Think it, Build it, Sell it!

Two years in the making – Volume V: Think it, Build it, Sell it! goes one step further from where Volume 4 left off, with more interviews, in-depth step-by-step design process of some of our biggest models as well as tips and tricks to turn your design ambitions into a global empire. From how to network and get the most out of trade shows to methods of protecting your IP digitally and in the real world, Volume V will give you further insight and knowledge about not only the design field but the business behind it.

Paperback: 504 pages, 11 x 8.5 x 1.1 inches

Since the Last Volume


* CNC Laser Material Database
* CNC Laser: 10 Fire Prevention Tips
* Made in China: CNC Machine Game Changer
* Ryan Patterson, Getting the Most out of your Bits
* Alain Albert, CNC Routers: Justifying Ownership Costs
* Jig Tips

Interviews (alphabetical)

* Mike Dean, Founder of Epilog Laser
* Paul Mason, Owner of Millennium Laser Systems
* Andreas Penz, CEO of Trotec Laser
* Ken Susnjara, CEO of Thermwood Corporation


* Jumping into Entrepreneurship
* Avoiding CNC Shop Loses
* Don’t Build on Rented Land
* Optimal Tradeshow ROI
* Networking for Dollar$
* Marketing despite NDAs

Interviews (alphabetical)

* Ken Cooley, President of ShapeMaster Inc.
* Scot Farley, Principal Designer at F3 Industrial Design
* Dr. Henri-Jacques Topf, Owner of Schneider Prototyping


* My Argument for Design Relativism
* Laser & Router Projects
* Bird House D
* Bird House E
* Bootilicious Shoeholder
* Croc Box
* Kangaroo Laptop Stand
* Kangaroo Shelf
* Spinning Geared Box
* Sydney Harbor Bridge (Laser to Router)
* Wooden Big Wheels (Design to Press)3D Printer Projects
* Castle Walls (Simple)
* Castle Walls B
* Cog Pen Holder
* Pill Box
* Vase
* Weaved BasketInterviews (alphabetical)
* Michelle Aryani, Product and Toy Designer
* Pak Hei (Kade) Chan, Origami Designer
* Daphne Flynn, Director at Philips Design
* Brendon Vetuskey, Design Manager at Mattel Inc.

* Intro
* “FREE!” Marketing Strategies for Designers

Interviews (alphabetical)
* Philippe Guglielmetti, CEO of Zeepro
* David Hartkop, Founder of MiniMetalMaker


* Intro
* Paul Akers, Founder of FastCap
* Tim Bourke, CEO of Just Right Products
* Anthony Santangelo, Esq., Inventor and Patent Attorney
* William Seidel, CEO of America Invents

me-with-book-opt CNC Design Anthology (Digital PDF Files) Volume 4: Rise of the CNC ~ Ultimate CNC Design Course

Two years in the making – Rise of the CNC ~ Ultimate CNC Design Course teaches the fundamentals of designing products to be cut with a CNC Table Router, CNC 3D Printer or CNC Laser Cutter & Engraver. Across more than 450 pages, 64 projects are shown in various formats to help teach the reader how to successfully design for these CNC machines.

This book features interviews with the movers and shakers of the CNC industry including designers, company directors and a buyers guide to help you select the best CNC machine for your purposes. There are also extensive tips and tricks so that you get the most out of your CNC machine.

Paperback: 456 pages, 11 x 8.5 x 1 inches

Foreword by Ben Heck
Message from Jon How It All Began
Tool and Material Requirements
CNC Machine Background
CNC Laser vs Routers vs 3DP
Top 10 CNC Operational Tips

Technological Overview
CNC Opportunities: Warehouse to Garage
Interview with Simon Moore, Director of Trotec Laser Australia
A word about Model Complexity

Toy Design 101: Behind the Scenes
* Castle Bank
* CH47
* Chinook Helicopter
* Easter Island Head
* Electronics Award
* Ferris Wheel B
* Ford Model T
* Home Gym
* Mars Explorer
* Mars Opportunity
* Mangonel Siege Weapon
* Mangonel B Siege Weapon
* Stereo Bank
* Rocket Coaster
* Rusks Plane
* Science Award
* Shopping Cart
* Sydney ANZAC Monument
* Sydney Harbour Bridge
* Tower Bank
* TV Bank

Jonathan Engel’s Design Philosophy

Laser Model Templates & Assemblies
* Abacus B
* Bird Feeder
* Bird House B
* Bird House C
* Eiffel Tower
* Electronics Award
* Fish Pad
* Four-in-a-Row Game
* Japanese Miyajima Gate
* Pen and Pencil Holder
* Rocket Coaster
* Eiffel Tower and Japanese Miyajima Gate: Behind the Designs

Technological Overview
CNC Opportunities: Size Matters

Interview with Ted Hall, Founder and CEO of ShopBot Tools Inc.

Router Model Templates & Assemblies
* 1911 Ford Model T Torpedo
* Runabout
* Army Transport Truck
* Brontosaur
* Centrosaur
* CH47 Chinook Helicopter
* Desktop Organizer
* Desktop Organizer B
* Desktop Organizer C
* Dolphin
* Easter Island Head Storage
* Elephant
* Future Car
* Future Car B
* Light Table
* Mangonel Siege Weapon
* Mangonel Siege Weapon B
* Medieval Bank
* P38 Lightning Aircraft
* Parasaurolophus
* Pen and Pencil Holder B
* Platform Crane B
* Pterodactyl
* Rhinoceros
* Stegosaurus
* Straddle Carrier B
* Submarine

Steve’s Osage Orange Box with Live Edge

Interview with Ralph Bagnall, Owner of

CNC’ed Guns: Unwarranted Fear and Paranoia
Brian Laurence’s Design Process
Designer’s Corner: David Newman and Jerry Rutherford
* Bobcat MK3 (CNC laser)
* Bobcat MK3 (CNC table router)
* Helicopter (CNC laser)
* Helicopter (CNC table router)

Technological Overview
CNC Opportunities: Develop Strategic Partnerships
Interview with Cathy Lewis, Director of Worldwide Marketing at 3D Systems
Extrusion to Stereolithography
Choosing PLA over ABS

Tale of three Pyramids: Virtual to Physical
Erupting Pyramid
Egyptian Pyramid
Mayan Pyramid
Modeling an Explosive Volcano

Interview with Dr. Conor MacCormack, CEO of Mcor Technologies
Kaetemi’s Design Process

Copyright & Liability in 3D Printing
Interview with Bathsheba Grossman

CNC Plasma Technological Overview
Interview with Jeff Knoll, Marketing Manager for Lincoln Electric

Closing Thoughts
Your Turn: Design Your Own!
Image Credits & Info
Other books by Jon Cantin

me-with-book-opt CNC Design Anthology (Digital PDF Files) Volume 3: Evolution of Wooden Designs

This book features woodworking projects at five different skill levels with 3D rendered step-by-step assembly instructions. What makes our philosophy unique is that all our blueprints are completely measurement free which means you can build them to whatever scale you wish using only the thickness of the wood as your guide. This book includes the following:

Paperback: 200 pages, 10.9 x 8.4 x 0.6 inches

Tools and Material Requirements

Behind the Design Process
* Army Transport Truck
* Flying Car
* Medieval Castle2D-3D Design Patterns

Level 1
* Hippopotamus
* Volcano Bank

Level 2
* 1911 Ford Model T Torpedo Runabout
* Light Table
* Medieval Tower Bank
* Shopping Cart
* Submarine B
* TV Bank

Level 3
* CH47 Chinook Helicopter
* Easter Island Secret Storage Head Bookend
* Home Gym
* Mangonel
* Medieval Castle Bank
* P38 Lighting Aircraft
* Physics Trophy
* Platform Crane B
* Spring Basket
* Stereo Bank

Level 4
* Army Transport Truck
* Baliste
* Ferris Wheel B
* Flying Car
* Mangonel B
* Mars Explorer
* Sydney Harbour Bridge
* Semi-Trailer Truck

Special Edition
* Mars Rover
* Medieval Castle
* Sydney ANZAC Monument

Bonus: Business Card Holders
* A
* B
* C
* D
* E
* F
* G

Designer’s Corner: David Newman
* Bobcat
* D-Cell Rocket

Other books by Jonathan Cantin
Partners & Supporters

me-with-book-opt CNC Design Anthology (Digital PDF Files) Volume 2: 50 Laser Cut Plans

With this book, you get blueprints and assembly instructions (with renderings) for the following models:

Paperback: 200 pages, 10.1 x 8.2 x 0.7 inches

Level 1
* Brontosaurus
* Centrosaurus
* Dolphin
* Elephant
* Future Car A
* Future Car B
* Hammer and Stake
* Parasaurolophus
* Pen and Pencil Holder D
* Pet Bowl Holder
* Rhinoceros
* Stegosaurus
* Submarine
* Time Teaching Clock A
* Time Teaching Clock B
* Whale

Level 2
* 1956 Porsche Speedster
* Abstract Bank B
* Bed Tray and Table
* Crab
* Crumb Tray
* Desktop Organizer C
* Desktop Organizer D
* Elastic Marble Game
* Halloween Serving Coffin
* Halloween Sword Shelf
* Mayan Temple Bank
* Pen and Pencil Holder C
* Pterodactyl
* Pyramid Calendar
* Serving Table
* Small Table
* Super Snail
* Tracing Light Table
* Trip Games

Level 3
* Amazing Train
* Cantilever Side Table
* Halloween Guillotine Tray

Level 4
* Bus
* Desktop Bowling Game
* Ferris Wheel
* Shuffle Board Game
* Medieval Castle Walls B
* Mobile Crane B
* Rusk Fortress
* Straddle Carrier B
* Zulu Main Battle Tank

Dowel-Based Full Armor Gear Series
* Bull
* Tank
* Transporter

me-with-book-opt CNC Design Anthology (Digital PDF Files), Volume 1: Top Sellers

With this book, you get blueprints and assembly instructions (with renderings) for the following models:

Paperback: 102 pages, 8.1 x 9.6 inches

Level 1 Marvels
* Abacus
* Bird Feeder B
* Bird House
* Bread Box
* Brontosaurus
* Dolphin
* Future Car B
* Parasaurolophus
* Pen and Pencil Holder B
* Portrait A: Sunshine
* Portrait C: Waves of Hope
* Ring Stacking Game
* Showcase
* Stegosaurus
* Table Protector
* Table Protector C
* Tower of Hanoi
* Wood Stacking Game

Level 2 Marvels
* Abstract Bank
* Chessboard
* Crab
* Cutting Board
* Pterodactyl

Level 3 Marvels
* Medieval Castle Walls
* Platform Crane
* Straddle Carrier

me-with-book-opt CNC Design Anthology (Digital PDF Files)