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P-38 Lightning Aircraft Kit


The advantage of twin engines is higher payload, faster speeds and increased safety, our P-38 Lighting Aircraft has that in spades!


This P-38 Lightning Aircraft that played a major role during the second Wold War. It features extensive an key way guiding system, spinning props and a very sturdy build to take-on any adventure you throw at it.

Laser-Cut Kits

These kits are cut and shipped right to your door! Below are the approximate dimensions of the kits once fully assembled.

L: 260 mm, W: 370 mm, H: 100 mm with material thickness being 6 mm plywood.
L: 10.2″, W: 14.5″, H: 4″ with material thickness being 1/4 inch plywood.

3D animation of how the kit comes together ( is the old name for which is owned by