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Trodat Professional ​54126 Custom Self-Inking Stamp (70 x 116 mm or 2.76 x 4.57″ with double dater)


The Trodat Professional 54126 Custom Self-Inking Stamp is optimized for regular heavy use using top quality components with a steel frame. It’s reliable for offices and will last for thousands of impressions (stamp design depending).


The Trodat Professional 54126 self-inking stamp has a maximum stamp dimension of 4 mm or 0.15 inches high date with custom stamp being 70 x 116 mm or 2.76 x 4.57 inches and comes with a very strong steel frame that provides incredible durability, consistent and regular stamping quality for even the busiest applications. You also get to pick the ink pad color you wish with your order! Black, Blue, Red, Green and Purple ink pads.

stamp-54126 Trodat Professional ​54126 Custom Self-Inking Stamp (70 x 116 mm or 2.76 x 4.57" with double dater)

We don’t only make the stamp, but also provide you with the self inking pad color of your choice with your order and don’t worry if you can’t design your own stamp, we have full custom design capabilities. Getting a custom high quality stamp has never been easier!

Price INCLUDES custom stamp production for the Trodat Professional 54126 Custom Self-Inking Stamp and ink pad color of your choice.

We will require an outlined EPS black and white of your stamp.


How do you make a custom stamp that fits in the Trodat Professional 54126 self-inking stamp?

We enjoy custom stamps for our customers, here’s how we go about creating them!

I don’t need the whole stamp assembly, only the stamp plate. Can you make only that for us?

Absolutely, is a custom stamp supplier, whether you want only the stamp plate, ink pad or just the entire assembly as/is, we can provide that to you. Please contact us with your requirements. We can also sell you multiple plates with your order, so if you want only one hardware and wish to switch out the ink pad and/or stamp plate, no problem!

How many lines of text or images can I have on my custom Trodat Professional 54126 self-inking stamp?

As we make these on-demand, you can be as creative as you wish. We also have custom design facilities so if you want to just email us the text and the preferred font you want, we can do the professional layout that fits perfectly within the Trodat Professional 54126 self-inking stamp.

Do you offer volume discounts on the Trodat Professional 54126 self-inking stamp?

Yes, contact us and we’ll give you a special deal geared around your requirements. As with all our services, we can give additional price breaks if you get other custom products designed and produced for you across our range of custom services. For instance, if you want some custom key chains, promotional coasters or corporate awards, we are able to give you volume discounts that make everything you need from one company shipped right to your door.