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leather-2 CNC Laser Cutting Leather (Fabric)

CNC Laser Cutting Leather (Fabric)‘s industrial large format laser can cut just about everything but metal, from 3/4 inch laminate through to paper… and fabric!

Why use a CNC laser for fabric?

There are three main points as to why you’d want to use the services of to cut out your fashion designs.

  1. No lose threads… everything is cut without any contact or pressure in any axis which means there is no bunching, ripping or pulling of the material. From thick leather to very fragile satin, we can cut it all!
  2. Repeatability… whether you want a thousand different or same shapes, it makes no difference to us or our laser. From full patterns expertly cut to small details repeated endless times, they will all be cut with absolute precision.
  3. Engraving… we can not just cut fabric but also engrave it for the ultimate personalization while cutting out a pattern. You want to cut 10 pairs of jeans each with engraving of your customer’s name at the same time? We cn do that! Taking things even further, we can custom cut the pattern to perfectly fit each customer regardless of their measurements… cut on demand!

leather-3 CNC Laser Cutting Leather (Fabric)

In this example, we used our grid table but we also have a professional aluminum and flat table which means, based on your requirements and the fabric you want us to work with, we have a custom set-up capability for optimal results across just about any spec you send our way.

leather-3 CNC Laser Cutting Leather (Fabric)

In this case, the leather produced some soot which can be easily cleaned off. We first engraved the leather and then cut it out. Each hole is identical, something that would have taken quite a bit of time to accomplish manually is easy for us.

leather-3 CNC Laser Cutting Leather (Fabric)

Leather Sample Gallery

I haven’t posted that much fabric being cut here on but here’s a small gallery of previous projects showcased here to give you an idea.

leather-3 CNC Laser Cutting Leather (Fabric) leather-3 CNC Laser Cutting Leather (Fabric) leather-3 CNC Laser Cutting Leather (Fabric)

Additional applications for fashion

Now that you have a clearer understanding of what we can provide designers of all scales, let’s take things even further! If you want, we can also make custom stencils so you can further customize your fashions using paint and any other media you wish to use. Depending on the medium, we can cut them out of thin laminate, Formica, Polycarbonate, cardboard or just about anything else.

leather-3 CNC Laser Cutting Leather (Fabric)

And yes… we can also make custom stamps of just about any size if you really want to be creative. From rubber stamps to custom hot press stamps, we can make them on-demand!

leather-3 CNC Laser Cutting Leather (Fabric)

Other application ideas can be custom laser engraved and cut patches, name badges, fashion accessories and the list literally never ends. What you come-up with between your ears we can transform into a physical product for you to sell to your customers… and as our cutting is on-demand, there is no need to maintain large inventories!

From custom laser cut acrylic jewelry pieces and charms to hats and gloves, we are here to help!

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leather-3 CNC Laser Cutting Leather (Fabric)