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CNC Laser Dollhouse… coming soon!

Can you believe that for almost 7 years never had a CNC laser dollhouse! Well, that’s about to change… here’s a render of what’s in the pipeline.

1house CNC Laser Dollhouse... coming soon!

I got a nice backlog of projects in various stages of completion, I just got to sit down and get them all done and out the door! Should be a productive weekend in the shop… the next logical step after this dollhouse is rubber band guns, another thing I always wanted to get into but just never had enough ambition to jump into but first, got to cut out my Roman Soldier Knife block and monitor holder.

I’ve learned quite a bit from the designer of this dollhouse, it’s a different way of looking at building than I’m use to where additional pieces are ADDED for purely esthetic value to hid things you don’t want the user to see.