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corian-1 CNC Laser Engraving & Paint Filling Corian

CNC Laser Engraving & Paint Filling Corian

Dupont Corian is one of those materials that is really starting to grow on me, about a year ago I was completely clueless about how great this material really was, especially when used in conjunction with an awesome Austrian wide format dual-source CNC laser…‘s Trotec Speedy 400 flexx!

corian-2 CNC Laser Engraving & Paint Filling Corian

In contrast to Dupont Corian we did previously which was a bit darker, this Corian is basically white which presents both a problem and an opportunity.

corian-2 CNC Laser Engraving & Paint Filling Corian

Laser Engraving the World on Dupont CorianĀ®

The problem? How do you show contrast if you are essentially digging into a material that’s white and the “holes” end-up being just as white? Opportunity? PAINT FILLING!

corian-2 CNC Laser Engraving & Paint Filling Corian

The first step after the file was created was the mask the Corian, not because of residue that might deposit onto the piece but because the paint filling technique I’m going to use this time around is enamel paint spray. The masking will protect the surface of the Corian NOT engraved from the enamel paint.

What I really like about Corian is how clean a process it is using the CNC laser, far cleaner than wood and even acrylic.

corian-2 CNC Laser Engraving & Paint Filling Corian

I really love those “sparks” of vaporised Corian mixed-in with masking paper… it isn’t easy getting these photos due to the speed of the machine which you can see from the blur on the head. After the engraving was complete, I only had to apply the enamel paint spray two times, the first time for the base and the second to make the color a bit stronger inside of the engraved areas of the Corian.

corian-2 CNC Laser Engraving & Paint Filling Corian

Still a little painted masking is on the bottom letters… forgot about those when the picture was taken! Easily removed though.

The results look awesome! Applications? Well, basically anything you can use Corian from countertops to wall panels can be easily CNC laser engraved, paint filled – we’ve used both acrylic paint and enamel paint – and voila, a very strong and permanent presentation of a logo or signage. Of course, you want to seal it appropriate to the environment it will be located in.

As always, you can see the video of the above piece being CNC laser engraved in the only Canadian Custom CNC shop with a wide format dual sourced laser,! Contact us!