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speedy400flexx How our CNC laser services benefit manufacturers

How our CNC laser services benefit manufacturers

Are you considering taking the CNC laser leap in your production? The costs of the equipment and training required are one thing but do you have enough work to keep somebody employed full-time on your machine profitably?

annealedbusinesscard How our CNC laser services benefit manufacturers

Annealed 304 Stainless Steel business card. provides awesome CNC laser marking, annealing, etching and engraving surfaces on materials of all types, sizes and shapes on a per project basis. When you have work, we are there for you!

If you operate a foundry or injection molding business, your molds are used repeatedly for multiple production runs but we are able to take those components and laser mark (metal, plastic or composites) batch numbers, production dates and even specific customer codes for later tracking purposes.

If you operate a custom welding and fabrication company, can help make all the certification plates and tags needed and additionally, permanently laser mark or anneal plaques or on the piece itself, your logo or that of your customers that will not fade or wear out over time.

If you operate an assembly plant, we are able to create all the signage in heavy-duty plastic laminate or anodized / powder coated aluminium that will keep things in order and within regulation.

Why use lasers over…

CNC lasers have come a long way over the past decades, they are now fast, precise and efficient… that is, if you bought a good one! Our CNC laser comes from Austria, it’s a dual-source laser meaning we have both a distinct CO2 laser source and a distinct fiber laser source which allows us to mark just about any material in existence that doesn’t contain Chlorine such as vinyl. We can also mark entire stainless steel or titanium doors as the front and back of our laser opens-up!

annealedbusinesscard How our CNC laser services benefit manufacturers

This is our CNC laser… the only one in Canada!

Maybe your production line currently uses an industrial peen system that’s loud and constantly requiring consumables to keep the results sharp and legible. Our high quality CNC laser can work faster and produce better results across a variety of materials from cast aluminium stainless steel without the noise or wear and tear.

Maybe your production run currently uses machining centers, we can help laser mark those components with incredible detail without damaging the part. Alternatively, maybe your business produces industrial clothing, our CNC laser services can cut those pieces out faster than your CNC orbital machine without producing any loose threads as the edges would be singed.

From automotive to aerospace, is a valuable supply chain provider to further customize components in a non-destructive matter.

Manufacturing Supply Chain

Suffice it to say, wants to be a partner in your manufacturing supply chain. We’ve been in the manufacturing industry for almost two decades, at first producing industrial 3D animation for manufacturers around the world and recently, as a full-fledged custom CNC shop. We have an incredible amount of passion for manufacturing (and millworking!) and would love to help you offer custom marking services to your clients.

Whether its laser marking small industrial parts with numbers and customer codes or creating awesome displays for your front office or custom product displays for your sales teams. We prefer partnering with companies, being part of their supply chains, that’s why we don’t show any of the work we do for our clients on this website. Having 24 hour turnaround service available ensures you get the best quality production in a timely matter.

Can you handle X material?

If it doesn’t contain Chlorine, we can certainly do something to it, we have extensive material testing capabilities and experience – it’s something we do as part of our normal quoting processes. We want our customers to see what they’ll get before we set-up jigs and production in the hundreds or thousands.

annealedbusinesscard How our CNC laser services benefit manufacturers

Bronze, silver and gold metal laminate engraved using our CO2 laser source.

Keeping you in the loop

As a partner, communications are vital – you will know what is happening when and where applicable, production photos and videos. Although surprises are fun, they aren’t so much when you have deadlines and reputations on the line… you’ll know exactly what you are getting before you get it! If we experience any issues, you’ll hear about it right away and we’ll come-up with a solution that’s to your satisfaction.

Material resolutions

A common question we get is what type of resolution can you achieve on material? Well, it depends on the material, if its aluminium we can get better than 600 dpi on some grades while industrial foam is less. The best way to find out is to do material testing. A somewhat related issue is why we don’t end-up burning through plastics when we put our high energy laser onto it’s surface… actually, if we only had a CO2 laser source, we would be doing just that but we have a dual-source laser, we can “hit” the plastic with our fiber laser source and as a result, change the surface properties including color without melting it.

Other services for manufacturers

Our creativity extends beyond machines and into the design world! If you attend trade shows and conventions, we can custom design and produce displays that will get you some foot traffic and showcase your products in the best of light! From simple jigs that hold components to full-sized models or scale models of existing processes or machinery, we can help you increase your ROI at these shows! We can even produce industrial 3D animations of your machinery, saving you a tremendous amount of logistical and financial headaches.

How do you get the ball rolling?

Contact us, here’s my card on black anodized aluminium! We can do the same on any metal from gold to titanium!

annealedbusinesscard How our CNC laser services benefit manufacturers