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MENUMENU Volume 5 Done! Off to the editors!

It has taken a while, 2 years actually, but I’m done my latest volume. It’s off to the editor for some major spell checking!

So, what are the contents of the book? Here’s the index!

Since the Last Volume

Industry Insight

CNC Laser Material Database
CNC Laser: 10 Fire Prevention Tips
Made in China: CNC Machine Game Changer
Ryan Patterson, Getting the Most out of your Bits
Alain Albert, CNC Routers: Justifying Ownership Costs
Jig Tips

Interviews (alphabetical)

Mike Dean, Founder of Epilog Laser
Paul Mason, Owner of Millennium Laser Systems
Andreas Penz, CEO of Trotec Laser
Ken Susnjara, CEO of Thermwood Corporation


Jumping into Entrepreneurship
Avoiding CNC Shop Loses
Don’t Build on Rented Land
Optimal Tradeshow ROI
Networking for Dollar$
Marketing despite NDAs

Ken Cooley, President of ShapeMaster Inc.
Scot Farley, Principal Designer at F3 Industrial Design
Dr. HenriJacques Topf, Owner of Schneider Prototyping


Measurements My Argument for
Design Relativism

Laser & Router Projects

Bird House D
Bird House E
Bootilicious Shoeholder
Croc Box
Kangaroo Laptop Stand
Kangaroo Shelf
Spinning Geared Box
Sydney Harbor Bridge (Laser to Router)
Wooden Big Wheels (Build to Press)

3D Printer Projects

Castle Walls (Simple)
Castle Walls B
Cog Pen Holder
Pill Box
Weaved Basket

Michelle Aryani, Product and Toy Designer
Pak Hei (Kade) Chan, Origami Designer
Daphne Flynn, Director at Philips Design
Brendon Vetuskey, Design Manager at Mattel

“FREE!” Marketing Strategies forDesigners

Philippe Guglielmetti, CEO of Zeepro
David Hartkop, Founder of MiniMetalMaker
Protection & Profits
Paul Akers, Founder of FastCap
Tim Bourke, CEO of Just Right Products
Anthony Santangelo, Esq., Inventor and Patent Attorney
Williman Seidel, CEO of America Invents

Image Credits & Info
Other books by Jon Cantin
Partners & Supporters

The book is slightly over 500 pages, 8.5″ x 11″ so if you thought the last book was big, this one is even bigger! I think it’s a better balanced book that continues down the road set by the previous volume. It will probably take a month or two for the editor and then a few weeks after till everything is in place and ready for publishing.

I have yet to make a cover for this book by the way, still mulling a few ideas while the editors work out the insides. Looking at around August/September for the official release date.