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Why can make AWESOME CUSTOM STAMPS! makes a lot of stamps, out of rubber and other materials so today, we’ll just do a quick review of some of our capabilities when it comes specifically towards making awesome custom stamps.

Although dated, the above video does a good job showing you the steps at a few different angles from what my videos demonstrate about the process behind making awesome custom stamps. There is one major difference from this video though, our capabilities are even bigger than what you see there. Why? Well, we use, a Trotec Speedy 400 flexx which is even bigger than the 300 you saw making stamps in the above video.

There are a lot of reasons why we bought the Rolex of the laser engraving world, today you’ll learn of just one!

1trotecspeedy400-4 Why can make AWESOME CUSTOM STAMPS!

I’m guessing though that you want to see what our laser looks like outside of the box and in the shop, actually making some awesome custom stamps so here’s a video of just that, the biggest self-inking stamp on the market, the Trodat Professional 5212 Mega Stamp!

How big is the Trodat Professional 5212 Mega Stamp self-inking stamp? Try 116 x 70 mm or 2.8 x 4.6 inches. For it’s size, the mechanism is incredibly smooth, the results very consistent, just like Trodat’s smaller range of custom self-inking stamps and the steel structure makes sure that this stamp will last an incredibly long time!


Our industrial wide-format Austrian CNC laser was born in Austria, designed and engineered to be the best rubber stamp production platform in the world. How do I know this? Because the parent company of Trotec Laser is Trodat, which is the world’s largest stamp manufacturer. They saw lasers as being vital to their stamp production future and set on a decades long path towards creating lasers that excelled in every aspect of stamp manufacturing.

Trodat, Trotec Laser’s parent company, looked at all the lasers on the market and wasn’t satisfied with what it used for physical tests, hence creating Trotec Laser for their own internal custom rubber stamp production and then shortly thereafter, releasing their industry leading technology to the world for companies like to use for their client base.

1trotecspeedy400-4 Why can make AWESOME CUSTOM STAMPS!

We work within your requirements

It might be hard to figure-out the scale of this Trodat Professional 5212 Mega Stamp so take a look at the above picture, that stamp on the right is your typical office stamp and those custom wooden business cards lower down are actually business cards you carry around in your pocket during networking event.

Not only can make awesome custom stamps of any size or shape, but we can make them HUGE, all day and a mix and match of sizes across a whole production run. Need 10 of one size, 15 of another and 50 of yet another custom rubber stamp with matching self-inking mechanisms? Yep, we do that! is your one stop awesome custom stamp production powerhouse, we work from raw materials (for rubber, directly from Trodat) all the way up to providing the self-inking stamping mechanism and everything else in-between.

Our capabilities extend across hundreds of possible rubber stamp offerings, both self-inking and not, numerical through to custom. You tell us what you want, and we work from there whether its just a replacement rubber for your own stamp or the full monty, its up to you.

1trotecspeedy400-4 Why can make AWESOME CUSTOM STAMPS!

A whole range of options

On our e-commerce site (buy online link in the top of the site), you can view the full selection of custom rubber stamp offerings. If you need a custom rubber stamps, self inking or otherwise, is your provider across a whole range of options. Out quotes are always free, our equipment is standing ready to do your project and we are passionate about getting it done ASAP and shipped right to your door!

Some of our customers though, need a set of awesome custom stamps that’s unique to their application, using thicker or thinner rubber, using higher durometer or lower for their industrial stamping process or just need something huge they can roll-up onto a drum. can make those as well.

In fact, the biggest stamp we’ve made thus far in the shop was for a drum and it was made of quarter-inch 70 durometer rubber which was the size of our bed, a meter x 60 cm or 39 x 24 inches. If you aren’t familiar with the issues present with awesome custom stamp production, watch the video below to give you important tips to consider design wise.

Infinite Awesome Custom Stamp Applications

Custom rubber stamps can be found just about everywhere in any size business, from a great way of marking outgoing mail to the receiving department in the back warehouse, the options and utilities that come with having custom rubber stamps to quickly identify and mark material is tough to beat.

But there are also many different applications, beyond your typical office setting, where awesome custom stamps find their home. For instance, we can also make awesome custom stamps out of other materials that rubber! Why would you want to use something other than rubber for a stamp? Well, if you are branding concrete blocks, a stamp made out of acrylic works actually pretty well depending on the aggregate used.

At the end of a day, a stamp is used to quickly identify and mark something, that medium can be anything as can the design and the material that make it up. One customer might need something specific to their application, like a custom stamp made out of wood and another out of acrylic and another out of delrin. We run the full gamut not only in sizing and customization but also material options.

Each material has a good and a bad to it when it comes to fabricating awesome custom stamps, its finding the optimal material, engraving process and design to match the application if its something exotic that needs to be used. Sometimes it’s plastic that works best, other times, it’s wood, and other times it’s rubber.

Material Benefits and Costs for Awesome Custom Stamps

By far the most used material at when it comes down to custom stamp production is rubber, it’s available in sheets, rolls, tones of different durometer (harness) and even colors. It’s so ubiquitous that when a custom talks about a custom stamp, 9 times out of 10, it’s rubber they want.

Rubber is a great material, it doesn’t absorb the ink from the pad, just holds it on the upper surface and releases it pretty easily and regarding wear and tear, it stands-up extremely well. That’s why your shoes are generally made with a rubber sole and not a wooden or plastic one. Rubber has a nice grip that prevents things from sliding as well, which comes in handy across a huge variety of applications. It’s also relatively cheap to purchase and keeps very well for extended period of time.

Another material we make awesome custom stamps with is wood, yes, WOOD! Generally, our custom wooden stamps aren’t used with ink pads or any type of ink for that matter, they are either just directly pressed into the medium just as you see it or used with regular paint.

Regarding paint, we’ve generally found that with a “big” design, the thicker consistency paint works best while for fine and highly detailed work, a thinner paint is best to make the details pop out better. There is a lot of trial and error when it comes to stamping results, one thing you don’t need to worry about when it comes to self-inking rubber stamps. Even a self-inking stamp requires a few pushes down to optimize the ink pad to the design onto paper.

1trotecspeedy400-4 Why can make AWESOME CUSTOM STAMPS!

The advantage of wood is that no two imprints are the same (rubber tends to be more consistent), it actually works very well across media that doesn’t have an even surface yet has give to it and is very durable. The type of wood we use is generally something soft like pine or something hard like oak. It all depends on the application.

The advantage of wood is that it’s relatively cheap and fast to produce a big design where rubber gets very expensive fast when you go BIG with it. Wood is also more durable in many environments than rubber.

1trotecspeedy400-4 Why can make AWESOME CUSTOM STAMPS!

Although we generally use delrin for custom seal production, which does as well, it actually works pretty well for stamping into media that’s the right consistency. The advantage with delrin and other plastics is how strong they are and even at great thickness, such as quarter-inch or half-inch engraving, come out actually pretty good.

Again, not the best media to be used with ink as it tends to just slide off but great if you want to put something in between, for say a hot or cold press foil machine.We’ve also used plastics for custom sand casting companies, this stuff works great and the resolution we can achieve is second to none!

We bought this Austrian CNC laser because it had two tubes (CO2 and fiber), it allows us to do project several meters or ft long, gives us industry leading precision and repeatability (especially important for awesome custom stamp production) and best of all, our clients love the results of our work using it!

With, we work based on your specs, your material requirements and as such, are flexible and capable across a huge variety of applications.

1trotecspeedy400-4 Why can make AWESOME CUSTOM STAMPS!