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WP_20150909_10_45_47_Pro is moving to a bigger shop is moving to a bigger shop

For the past year, has had a good little shop able to handle all the projects coming in the door but things have now gotten to the point where the little shop isn’t big enough to handle the volume we have coming and out. As a result, we are moving to a new location that is 3x bigger than what we currently have.

It’s pretty incredible how much the company has grown over the past year and a half without any advertising – you won’t find us in the yellow pages, maps or phone book anywhere. That’s on purpose. We value the privacy of our customers and even with the move into a dramatically larger space, we will still have no signage or driving directions on this website.

Hopefully we are all set within the next coming days, depends on electricians etc. getting their stuff together. Moving industrial equipment is the easy part, getting electrical feeds to power them is quite another.