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1trotecspeedy400-4 is moving to bigger digs! is moving to bigger digs!

When I first started, it was in a two car garage which I shared with a car that came in and out on a regular basis. That’s fine in the summer but not in the winter!

I have my Austrian Trotec Laser, which you can see in the crate below, and my American CNC router. That was it!

1trotecspeedy400-4 is moving to bigger digs!

The first year was tough, I arrived back in North America after being gone for almost a decade with no customers and during a recession!

Anyways, fast forward roughly a year, and I moved to our present location, equivalent to about a 6 car garage and over the past year and a half, it’s literally FULL of equipment.

I still remember the first time I moved into our present shop, it was HUGE, there was so much room, I thought I’d be here for YEARS.

Between projects for the past 6 months, it’s been a game of Tetris, hence adding caster wheels to anything that was heavy and static.


You can only play Tetris for so long before you realize you need a far bigger board!

Our new location will be 1200 square feet, or the equivalent of a 12 car garage, not bad from our 1 car garage equivalent about 3 years ago!

You learn a lot about what you need and don’t need in a custom CNC shop while working on and in it within the space you have.

The new shop will have a full bathroom with shower, something that will be very nice as I don’t bring the smells and dust of the shop home and will have a “clean area” and “dusty smokey” one.

As we do lots of woodwork, if it needs to be done with the laser, that’s in the clean area, if it’s CNC router, resawing, sizing etc… then it’s done in the dusty smokey section of the shop.

This will also help keep the noise level down, as the laser is probably the quietest piece of equipment in the shop.

I’ve put the completion of our custom welding table on hold until after the move, it’s heavy NOW, but will be about 600 pounds by the time it’s done and you can bet that my back isn’t interested in moving something that heavy anytime soon.

Something I really look forward is setting-up duct work for the dust collection system in the shop, something I was contemplating doing here and also another set of pipes for the air extraction, essentially, two sets of the same things to also cut down on sound and dramatically improve air quality.

Many customers ask us why we don’t advertise our location on our website or promotional documents, the answer is we aren’t a “drop in” kinda business.

Some of the stuff we do is under heavy NDA and Non-Competes, other stuff isn’t but regardless, this lack of location allows to be a lot more transparent regarding equipment and capabilities.

Of course, a far bigger space that looks HUGE right now, just like this one did a year and a half ago, gives the opportunity to expand, showcasing even bigger projects for our customers and this website.

Something I really like about the new unit we are moving into is that it also has 3-phase power, as we get more “industrial” in our equipment, that becomes increasingly something that’s important to keep our services cost-effective.

So far, I’ve doubled our square footage on an annual basis, with that in mind, I only signed a one year lease with our upcoming location as we never know when the next big leap in capability or customer base will come from or when.

Until then, we’ll keep on doing what we’ve always done, providing awesome custom services across a range of materials for any application at any size.

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1trotecspeedy400-4 is moving to bigger digs!