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model-kit Physical Model Kits Division Physical Model Kits Division

Most the model kits that I use to sell digitally at are now part of the physical model kits division. We are no longer in the digital file business.

No longer worldwide tech support… for other “shops” and “designers”!

By far the biggest reason for this change in model kits formating was that a lot of my time was taken-up helping other “CNC Shops” learn how to use their equipment, how to import and export a file, how to modify a file and so on.

Basically, everything a shop SHOULD KNOW many did not and I was constantly being blamed for their ignorance of equipment, hardware and software.

At the other end of the spectrum, people who try to pass themselves as “designers” who are pirating and stealing digital designs from other shops or doing the same with my files and passing themselves off as, yet again, people who they aren’t.

3dprinter-cubify-mcwb2 Physical Model Kits Division

So, you sell a digital model kits, then a week later, they ask (and get) a refund from PayPal because they don’t know what they are doing and don’t listen to advice I tell them to fix THEIR situation.

When I first started then, I took it for granted that people were passionate about learning, sadly, through the years, lots of people are now buying equipment that really should have stuck to flipping burgers.

Broken bits, lenses, machine com errors and the list goes on only points in one direction, and it isn’t the file you are working with.

3dprinter-cubify-mcwb2 Physical Model Kits Division is a successful and rapidly growing shop, focusing on MY SHOP with MY CUSTOMERS is vital without filling my head with all the problems other shops all around the world. I learned A LOT about what to and not to do through the decade of being worldwide tech support for shops of all sizes and happy to move on to help my customers with their projects. is CUSTOM: Model kits to YOUR specs

When you visit our online physical model kits shop (click Buy Online in the top heading), you will notice something rather unique. NO PRICE! Why? Well, we make everything custom to spec.

For instance, if you really like my Eiffel Tower design but want it 20 ft tall and out of clear acrylic, then the 4 ft version on won’t suit your needs. You contact us, tell us your spec and application and we’ll scale, modify, cut, engrave (if you need it) and ship it to you either in pieces to assemble at your end OR fully assembled.

Do you sell or manufacture hardwood flooring? Well, we can use that material to make the Eiffel tower just as easily as anything else… it’s incredible what we can do!

Things can also go just as easily the other direction, say you want some custom 2D Corian coasters with an image of the same Eiffel Tower engraved and paint filled with your brand on both sides. No problem!

If you had the budget, we could have just as easily made the 20 ft Eiffel Tower out of Corian or the coasters out of acrylic… that’s the kind of customization we can offer.

As such, think of this catalog and the Shapes Library (also under Buy Online heading) as just ideas, more than end-products. Every aspect of the design is customizable and can be made uniquely yours from wholesale to retail to model kits you give to your clients at a trade show with assembly instructions.

The possibilities are really infinite because we have the hardware, software and experience to put it all together towards your corporate, institutional or governmental goals.

3dprinter-cubify-mcwb2 Physical Model Kits Division

Model Kits Inventory and Sales

As is an on-demand manufacturer, we don’t hold any inventory other than the raw materials to produce the model kits of your dreams. This allows us to optimize a design further, customize it to hit a specific price point and produce the model kits in any given volume you require.

We control every aspect of the design and optimizing it to your needs, from materials through finishing, we offer you creative options that are incredibly difficult to find in a very easy manner. Our pricing is always flat-rate, meaning when we give you a quote, that’s the price. There is no “hourly” or “when we get around to it” but X price by Y time with benchmarks for larger projects.

When all you do is CUSTOM, it becomes second nature estimating the challenges with a project, the requirements that must be met and what type of deadline is feasible given a spec by our customers.

Model Kits & Site Updates

You can see just on the imagery and videos on this page that branding is messy, when you have 10 years of “stuff” spread across three brands, there is no real way to update it overnight. I spent the holidays bringing the foundations of various businesses together into somewhat of a cohesive jumble, now it’s time to smooth out the edges.

As luck would have it, I was already well on my way towards doing this with re-animating and updating the 3D animations and imagery from so it’s a quick “fix” of a few days to a week for each animation to have the branding and replacing things to look consistent across the board… and yes, that includes replacing all the video across all these pages with one consistent provider starting next week.

3dprinter-cubify-mcwb2 Physical Model Kits Division

From complex model kits to the simplest, each project I developed for was one more step forward onto my journey to bring where it today and I’m excited at what the future brings for my customers wanting something UNIQUE to showcase their products and expertise with.

There is also a lot of work going forward not only on this website and its Buy Online offerings but also developing and updating brochures to more clearly demonstrate to our customers what we can do without them having to come to this website. Believe it or not, but this website has almost 1 800 blog posts, 400 e-commerce products and the server holds over 100 000 elements now!

This site isn’t big, it’s MASSIVE with a huge backend supporting everything from worldwide content delivery systems to top of the line security. Everything I need, from software to skills to maintain a global digital business have been applied thoroughly to this website, so whether you are in Australia or Canada, this site will be fast, responsive and SAFE.

3dprinter-cubify-mcwb2 Physical Model Kits Division

Step-by-Step Model Kits: Design through Production

An element I really enjoy is designing something new and sharing it with readers of this site, from the first pixel to the finished product, there is a lot more that goes into a design than just putting a board on the CNC machine and pressing a button. I wrote five books about this stuff and it still fascinates me what’s possible when you put everything together.

This is where my creativity can run wild and my customers can be blown away by the results, we start with sketches, then 3D models, then 3D animations for closer inspection, then move onto production. Each step of the way, there are endless decisions that must be made before proceeding to the next and I really enjoy having customers along with me on this journey.

Some customers know EXACTLY what they want, have the files so we go straight into production, others have no clue and leave it up to me to create something that will be amazing!

Big Thank You!

A very big thank you to all my customers, who started along this journey with me digitally and the new ones who only know me just now. There is now a lot of history on this website, you can see how it all began and evolved through the years. It continues to be a great honor to help my customers with their custom needs and I can’t wait to get back in the shop to show even more neat stuff for everybody who has helped me along the way.

We are going to have some serious fun this year, model kit and all!

3dprinter-cubify-mcwb2 Physical Model Kits Division