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speedy400flexx The Power of CO2 + Fiber Laser Sources The Power of CO2 + Fiber Laser Sources has both a CO2 and Fiber laser sources in our Austrian wide-format industrial laser… why?

When I started three years ago, I knew there were a few things that were must-haves in my Trotec Speedy 400 flexx.

  1. A CO2 laser source to engrave and cut just about any material our clients may throw at us.
  2. A Fiber laser source for everything the CO2 couldn’t do.
  3. Pass-through capabilities (meaning items larger than our bed could still fit in the machine).
  4. A combination cone/roller rotary kit.
    … there are more but these are major ones. The Power of CO2 Laser Source

What’s great about our high quality CeramiCore CO2 laser source is that it produces a stable and consistent beam, this is important because you want customer projects to have consistency across the production cycle and only top quality sources will do this.

Does this cost more? Absolutely! Is it worth it for our customers across our huge variety of material production requirements? ABSOLUTELY!

custom-rubber-stamps-xx6 The Power of CO2 + Fiber Laser Sources

One day, we might work with a dozen different materials and each with their own customer provided specs, this switching around requires experience but also machines capable of handling different changes in as we progress through both low and volume projects.

Rubber, wood, metal, plastics, carbonates, glass and so forth, all require their own nuances to produce the best result for‘s customers, as such, right off the bat, we bought the best machine on the market with an industry leading CO2 laser source. The Power of Fiber Laser Source

Switching laser sources for our machine is easy, and that’s another factor that was also a very important factor when deciding what we needed to provide the best quality results for our customers.

Having the capability to produce a metal option for our industrial customers has allowed us to enter markets that otherwise wouldn’t be possible with our CO2 laser source alone.

custom-rubber-stamps-xx6 The Power of CO2 + Fiber Laser Sources

Do fiber laser sources cost a lot of money? Absolutely! Is it worth it so that we can produce permanent branding solutions across a host of materials for our customers? ABSOLUTELY!

Like our CO2 laser source, our fiber is also top quality IPG which is the world’s leading manufacturer of fiber laser sources.

We don’t want our customers to have second-best, and as such, everything in our machine is top of the line and our customers appreciate it!

custom-rubber-stamps-xx6 The Power of CO2 + Fiber Laser Sources Pass-through Capabilities

Having the world’s best machine, CO2 and Fiber laser sources is great, but it’s worthless if you can’t fit things in the machine for production!

custom-rubber-stamps-xx6 The Power of CO2 + Fiber Laser Sources

Yes, we can feed massive boards into our machine that otherwise would have to be cut down to size!

This allows us to more thoroughly use material with as little waste as possible.

We’ve used this endless times for project material ranging from Formica to wood, polycarbonate to Corians and everything in-between, including metal fiber annealing!

custom-rubber-stamps-xx6 The Power of CO2 + Fiber Laser Sources

Not that our laser bed is small by any means, we’ve put some huge things on there without requiring pass-through capability, but it’s a very nice feature to have when the spec calls for it! Combination cone/roller Rotary Kit

Being able to engrave round, spherical and cylindrical items in our Austrian wide-format industrial laser is a wonderful feature that has done endless times for customers.

Our laser is an overhead gantry, meaning we can’t engrave things that are on the sides or bottom of an item.

custom-rubber-stamps-xx6 The Power of CO2 + Fiber Laser Sources

With our rotary kit system, that presents no problem at all!

So, pack into a laser industry leading sources (CO2 and Fiber), pass-through capability and rotary kit system and there is very little that cannot do for your project.

That isn’t all, we also have a full wood and metal working shop too, throw-in decades of design experience and it’s mind-blowing that we can make for you.

As our laser is just one aspect of our capabilities! Design Engrave Cut Build

Like our logo says, we have you covered regardless of material or process you require, whether you have a design you wish to have made out of Stainless Steel or a gift to friends to hang on your wall, is here to help!

We have customers who are fortune 50 companies through to people getting married, and each project regardless of customer has their items produced at the top quality we can offer. also invests heavily in constantly improving our capabilities, finding industry leading suppliers to provide us with materials our customers may need before we are even asked and sharing this knowledge with you through our almost two thousand blog posts on this site and thousand videos on

custom-rubber-stamps-xx6 The Power of CO2 + Fiber Laser Sources

We also have fun in the shop, trying new ways of production, different materials and that’s what makes working at more than a job, it’s a passion!

That is why when I ask people if they want something unique and custom to their specs, I also offer them the solutions that can offer them.

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