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1-favorite Top 10 Favorite Demonstration Videos Top 10 Favorite Demonstration Videos

Through the years, I’ve posted a lot of demonstration videos about what I do through the various businesses that lead-up to‘s founding and since then, hundreds of more videos were added!

Although I upload my videos to several online publishers, we’ll just focus on the ones focused onto the most favorite ones visitors have liked on that are related to what I do here at

This list is within reverse order, so #1 is the most viewed and so forth.

1 – Semi-trailer Truck: How to Build (720HD)

With over a hundred thousand views, this was among the most popular 3D animations of my model kit business, it was just one of those videos where everything just clicked online wise.

People liked it, I liked it and although I didn’t sell many of these digital semi-trailer trucks at (since then rebranded to then folded into, it did help sales of the hundreds of other models I had on the site.

It was also one of the first videos where I started having lots of bogus copyright notices and flags from YouTube for my work where I made the music, the model and the kit which is one of the main reasons why I opened-up a Vimeo account which also hosts all my videos.


2 – CNC Machine Walkthrough: 3D Printer vs Laser vs Table Router

Sometimes demonstration videos are just so blatantly obvious in hindsight, it makes you wonder why I didn’t make this earlier, and this CNC walk through is one of them.

I cut my teeth learning about CNCs in the real world using this amazing ShopBot Desktop which I still have in the shop to this day.

Before the ShopBot Desktop, everything was virtual, design through testing, this was the first CNC machine that allowed me to test things in the real world, opening my eyes to the possibilities it offered me into the CNC laser world and later CNC 3D printers.

TonyStarkLaserMachine Top 10 Favorite Demonstration Videos

The Trotec Speedy 300 in this video is a great machine, even Tony Stark (Ironman) has this machine but when it came to me getting a machine for, we went one level up to our Trotec Speedy 400 flexx!

So yes, our machine is better than Ironman’s though he easily has me beat financially.


3 – Medieval Castle: 3D Assembly Animation (720HD

My relationship with Trotec Laser goes WAY BACK, before was even conceived as a possibility and I had the honor of having one of my models displayed at the Nürnberg International Toy Fair at their booth.

TonyStarkLaserMachine Top 10 Favorite Demonstration Videos

It was the first time one of my models was displayed internationally and since then, I’ve had models on show in Australia, Canada, USA and even Japan… excluding the magazines and newspapers that also showed my work

TonyStarkLaserMachine Top 10 Favorite Demonstration Videos

TonyStarkLaserMachine Top 10 Favorite Demonstration Videos


4 – Custom Wedding & Birthday Cake Toppers

Surprisingly, it’s the simple things that also get lots of views at, including our endless selection of custom cake toppers.

What makes us unique is we can make them out using just about any design in any material, shape or size and it’s quite surprising the diversity of custom cake toppers we can make when the possibilities are endless.

By far my personal favorite video of a cake topper is the one we made for a customer that was celebrating their 95th birthday, and what made it especially fun was that I got to surprise the customer, they paid for a small wooden one, which I included in the package and I threw-in one that was out of mirrored acrylic using paint filling at no charge!

I really like surprising my customers and this was among the most memorable ones I’ve done though by no means the biggest.


5 – Difference between CNC Laser Fiber Marking and CO2 Engraving Anodized Aluminium

A lot of the videos I produce for are questions that I, myself have and want to find the answer to using the equipment I have here in the shop.

One of which, our Trotec Laser has two laser sources, both can engrave or etch into anodized aluminium, so what are the differences between the two?

Although this video is dated, it did a good job highlighting the differences, very slightly between fiber engraving and CO2 engraving though since then, I’ve come to realize that I can do the same thing regardless of tube use so I can essentially replicate what I did here using JUST my CO2 or JUST my fiber.

An application where this isn’t the case is color changing plastic, that’s more set in stone than most things.

When you do custom stuff all day, testing and experience highlight a lot of things that you once thought were set in stone, really aren’t.

As long as you are always learning, exploring and trying new things, you’ll always be ahead of the curve.


6 – Medieval Castle Walls B: 3D Assembly Animation (1080HD)

Of the thousands of videos I’ve ever made, real live or animation wise, this is by far my favorite!

Everything just clicks so perfectly, it’s literally a One in a Thousand video, the music I composed, the model movement of the parts… it’s as close to perfect I’ve ever gotten and although it isn’t my most viewed video online, the semi-trailer truck 3D animation has 15x more views, to me, this one should be at the top of my list!

I like this video so much, I really can’t think of my “second favorite”, this just stand out to me by that much!


7 – 2011 ShopBot Tools Road Trip

Like Trotec is to lasers, ShopBot is to routers, and when I went to pick-up my ShopBot Desktop, I decided to make a video of the whole experience, from the drive down to their headquarters to the seminars and people I met along the way.

ShopBot makes amazing CNC routers and I look forward to one day having their top of the line PRSAlpha in the shop to help my customers far and wide with applications where this is honed for.

If you aren’t familiar with CNC routers, check out this other video I did that focuses on the machine I picked-up from ShopBot during the video above.

Interestingly, the video above was filmed in Canada through USA and the one below in Perth, Australia! Yes, I’ve been around the world and then some.


8 – CNC Laser Engraving & Cutting A Custom Paint Filled Mirror

I’m a big fan of mirrored acrylic, it’s just a wonderful material to work with and reflects well whatever is in the room you hang it in, that’s also the same mirrored acrylic I used to make the 95th year old custom cake topper.
I enjoy projects where a variety of skills and processes are required to pull something off, mirrored acrylic is just so easy to work with, it’s acrylic so our industrial wide-format laser does a spectacular flame polish wherever the cuts may be and the engraving is so consistent that when it’s paint filled, it just looks so perfectly natural that you can’t imagine it not being paint filled.
It does have its limits, which is why it’s also important to be keenly aware of applications when it comes to material selection.


9 – Laser Engraving Beach Pebble Stones

I often get asked at what the results can be for a particular material and at the time of the above video, I had a rush of people asking me about laser engraving stones and cement.

I studied Biology and most importantly, Geography in University so I’m very familiar with the different types of rock out there and their purpose in the biological sense so it was fun to make a video to answer all these questions I was getting in one shot!

To make sure I wasn’t biased at all, I just grabbed as many different stones and aggregate I could find on a walk down the beach then brought them into the shop to test which worked best and discover any trends regarding what produced the best results and why.

Short story, smaller tightly packed aggregate produces better results than loose and big – and the same holds very true for cement as well!

Though I’ve since CNC laser engraved a lot of rock, my most favorite video no the subject was The Rock on a rock.


10 – My Newer Videos!

After finally having a logo after all these years of running without one, I’ve really enjoyed seeing the results of what things look like when the design is the same across many different materials and I’m proud to bring quite a bit of knowledge on this to the table as well.

What’s the difference between annealing and etching and how does that compare to lamacoids?

You’ve now got the answer to both questions and then some… and how does all this compare to wood?

Oak is neat, but how about a lighter Maple?

… and what about Bamboo?

Well, you’ve now got the answer to these question as well!

I’ve invested a lot of time and energy in these videos and the extensive blog posts across and to me, it was and continues to be a fun journey into discovering things.

Our customers appreciate this effort, I enjoy my “sales though education” approach in this business and the more equipment I acquire and the more experiences I live through, the more I realize how lucky I am to be in this position right now in my life.

Thanks to all my customers that allow me to live out my dream, it’s awesome!