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speedy400flexx What is Top of the Line Equipment!

What is Top of the Line Equipment!

A custom CNC shop is nothing without top of the line equipment, and when I started, there were no compromises to be made on that front but the seed of all of that started way back when. (originally offering digital files for CNC machines, whether you had a CNC laser, CNC router, CNC waterjet, plasma or CNC 3DP (yes, 3D printers are CNC machines too!), we had working project files for you to download.

Almost three years ago now, I started a new site, whose focus was on offering what I did digitally on but physically rather than digitally. Since then, it has expanded quite a bit offering a host of custom solutions, design through production, for companies around the world.

As of the past week, both now finally share the same online framework, although the demographic couldn’t be any different, the passion remains the same.

How can help you?

If you are lucky enough to be a customer of and own a shop, like myself, it’s very possible that we have services that you can use to sell to your customers. For instance, do you have a fiber laser to anneal stainless steel? If not, does and we can also do custom metal tag production, any size, shape, gauge and volume to beat!

How about your shop has primarily a CNC router but a customer gives you a call to do a job that can only be done with laser cut acrylic and you just don’t have time to do it… we can help you too!

Or let’s say that you have all the same equipment as me but are totally swamped but want a trusted source to handle production for you while you sleep and do more profitable projects, or alternatively, you don’t have any equipment and a customer asks you to do something that’s way beyond your current capabilities. can help you too!

Let’s cut through the chase here, you need a supplier and production partner that you can trust, who can do the work you need done and has a proven track record. You also want to deal with a person who’s not only passionate about what they do but can get things done on time and on budget. That’s what is all about!

We can be your production partner at any step of the way, from initial concept and 3D modeling and animation to wow your customer and quickly get a project moving forward to final production, such as adding that custom CNC laser engraving to the custom Corian house numbers you made with your CNC router (we can also source the Corian and make it for you and drop ship if you wish).

Regardless of the material or project at hand, use our decades of design and production experience to find a new profit center. We have top of the line equipment, a Trotec Speedy 400 flexx with both a CO2 and Fiber laser source, an awesome ShopBot (full-sheet coming soon) and will soon expand into plasma to add to our custom metal production capabilities.

It’s tough finding a GOOD supplier

I know first hand what you are and have gone through building-up your custom shop, I’m there everyday in spirit running my own. I speak your language, I know what can go right and what generally goes wrong and most importantly, whether you need custom metal tags which you anneal using your galvo fiber laser or a jig for your UV printer, more than eager to get things done for you!

Our production cycle is generally 24 hours, that’s the goal anyway for most of our smaller project, whether it’s making one or a few hundred custom rubber stamps (we are also a trusted Trodat reseller and supplier by the way)…

… a custom mylar or polycarbonate stencils, of just about any size. My company is here to help you! We don’t do tech support, let me be clear about that, there are too many variables involved with any business and to be honest, deal directly with your manufacturer or material suppliers with issues, not me.

I bought a Trotec and a ShopBot because I like NOT HAVING PROBLEMS!

How can you be so fast?

Of course, production runs and budgets and timelines are established way ahead of time, once the design is finalized, the reason I can be so quick with general turnaround is because I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING. I’m not running around the shop with my head chopped off putting out fires.

Our top of the line equipment does the job right THE FIRST TIME and it’s fast, we use the right bits for the jobs (yes, there is such a thing as a Corian optimized CNC router bit), our Trotec Laser would break a land speed record and we have inventory to jump right into production as well.

My goal with isn’t to be the cheapest, but the best. Full sanding stations and a host of other stuff like an industrial sand blaster go a very long way towards being efficient in the shop, that to be quite honest, helped me build!

The Bottom Line

Having the design experience from 2D through 3D has been a tremendous help founding both of these companies, top of the line equipment using industry leading manufacturers and the relationships with shop owners around the world have allowed me to gain experience way beyond what I’d typically have.

Whether you want some custom 304 stainless steel blanks to get done, have a production run that’s too big or small for you to bother doing OR lack equipment without the desire to invest your right arm into acquiring “right now” for this one project, I’m here to help you find solutions to these problems!

I have as much fun designing custom wooden Egyptian inspired coin banks as I do annealing stainless steel or paint filling wood signage… to me, it’s all creative.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out