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1-trotec wins Trotec Laser's 4th of July Design Contest! wins Trotec Laser’s 4th of July Design Contest!

Not only is the 4th of July a wonderful day for me to catch-up on stuff in the shop while others are celebrating Independence Day but Trotec Laser has also awarded me the winner of their most recent contest —> Trotec Laser Independence Day Application Contest!

It was a very fun project to work on, my goal with the USA flag acrylic inlay was to show what’s possible using just a laser and some random off-cuts of acrylic that I tend to build-up over time here in the shop.

Be sure to read about it at the following link:

The concept is very similar to what I did for the Canadian flag below, which you can read about here:

Of course, I’ve set my signs higher before, such as engraving the whole world…

and again in Corian!

If those signs look familiar, it’s because I use them as background art in just about all my videos!

Thank you very much Trotec Laser, your machines allow me to make amazing stuff for clients around the world!

1-trotec wins Trotec Laser's 4th of July Design Contest!