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logo-2017's Logo Launch’s Logo Launch

When I started three years ago, there were so many services and areas of business we could have entered into that it was overwhelming at first.

The issue with is that I couldn’t think of a business or person who couldn’t use our services.

Are you in manufacturing? Well, we can make machine ID tags custom to spec out of just about any material.

You want a wooden iPhone holder to put next to your computer when you need to charge it using live edge basswood? No problem!

You need custom rubber stamps for your warehouse distribution center that will save you lots of time and paperwork? No problem…

And I can literally keep going on.

This is by far the most diversified business I could have ever chosen to jump myself into, the possibilities are truly endless and with that, the incredible challenge of coming-up with a logo that describes this is daunting.

So, I essentially just gave-up and decided that when I was inspired, the logo would rise out of the entrepreneurial ether I inhabit one day and reveal itself to me.

Well, I was in the process of designing custom t-shirts for upcoming videos and I decided to have a little fun using my logo.

Literally, a few hours later, my logo emerged and although it was 3 years in the making, it perfectly describes what I do!

logo-2017's Logo Launch

You can see the “old logo” in the bottom right of the above logo whose biggest problem has been it really doesn’t describe what I really do.

So, the top if a saw blade as we do lots of custom millworking projects with the bottom being a traditional mechanical gear to represent the industrial work does.

The top describes that we can follow-through with a project from the design through to build process and fit anywhere into that continuum you need us to using (bottom) any material, shape or size.

The lines in the saw represent tree rings but also the incredible precision we can offer as they are perfectly spaced with the mechanical gear holes in the bottom.

As has such a diversified range of services, I wanted a logo that I could “maneuver” to best represent the client I’m working with.

So, with a millworking customers, focusing on the saw blade which I think they would think is cool while with military and aerospace, other aspects of the logo I hope would call to them.

I also needed to design our corporate logo to be easily laserable AND made using our CNC router and later, plasma and waterjet.

There are some details in there that will be a little bit of a challenge for our CNC router (the sharp inner corner stuff) but just increasing the scale using a smaller bit will make it come out totally fine.

The design is also quite easy to make out of Corian, Laminate, Lamacoids, Metal and other materials.

The challenge I have now is what colors should I use for this logo, like this logo, I’ll leave it in the entrepreneurial ether to come-up with a solution.

It may take a few hours or years, but there is no rush.