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dm Congrats to the DM High Voltage Robotics Team 2852!

Congrats to the DM High Voltage Robotics Team 2852!

When I returned from my almost decade long Odyssey abroad to begin back in August 2014, I got to spend a bit more time with my nephew and find-out about the mentors behind DM High Voltage Robotics Team 2852. They are all an incredibly enthusiastic crowd that I’ve had the pleasure of spending a few moments with… I know this experience has had a direct positive impact on my nephew and I’m sure it’s the same for each and every student participating.

logo Congrats to the DM High Voltage Robotics Team 2852!

What is DM High Voltage Robotics Team 2852?

It’s a group of enthusiastic students at Denis Morris High School (where I completed my final year before heading to Brock University) that spend their school year planning and then building robots for an international competition founded by Dean Kamen (President, DEKA Research & Development Corporation). Yes, the master inventor who works on his own private island.

Students don’t only learn about enginnering, CAD and a host of other mental and physical trades but also get to competete with like minded high schools across North America (and the world) in the FIRST Robotics Competition. Putting everything they learned into a practical setting.

I wished they had this program when I was at high school, my life would have probably been quite different if I would have learned about CNC engineering when I was a teenager instead of well on my way through my 30s!

FIRST! At the Toronto East Regional (The Blue Alliance)

This past weekend, DM High Voltage Robotics Team 2852 won first at the Toronto East Regional. It was live streamed online and I got bits of in while working in the shop. Congrats to the whole team!

logo Congrats to the DM High Voltage Robotics Team 2852!

DM High Voltage Robotics Team 2852 Sponsors

Who sponsors FIRST Robotics teams? Companies that primarily are looking for enthusiastic and motivated employees down the road… I wished I knew more about engineering to play an active role but for now, is a proud Bronze sponsor, hopefully business keeps going well and I can up my participation! Here are some other great sponsors of the DM High Voltage Robotics Team 2852 but first, let’s congratulate the mentors who devote a tremendous amount of time with the students to make their robot come alive at the competitions!

Lead Mentor Rob Peters
Lead Team Teacher Mentor Andrew Kittel
Team Administration Karen Sladden
Lead Build Mentor Ken Giesbrecht
Lead Build Mentor Chris Lyddiatt
Build Mentor Stephanie Thompson
Build/Machinist Mentor Danny Roscoe
Build/Machinist Mentor Peter Preston
Build/Machinist Mentor Mark Johnson
VEX/Build Mentor Bruce Kretz
VEX/Build Mentor Jeff Wu
Teacher Mentor Ronald Torlone
Programming Dave Bockus
Electrical Mentor Jake Rosina
VEX/ Programming Mentor Jack Wu
VEX Mentor Rob Caravaggio
Social Media Mentor Jim Sergenese

The corporate sponsors of the DM High Voltage Robotics Team 2852 are the following:


  • Callisto
  • GM
  • The Woodbridge Group
  • Ontario Power Generation
  • Multiplex Manufacturing
  • Parker


  • Ward
  • SB Haulage
  • DS SolidWorks


  • The Young Automotive Professionals
  • ASI Group
  • Rankin Construction Inc.
  • CP
  • Lions International
  • Airbus Helicopters
  • Westbrook Greenhouse Systems


  • Venest Industries
  • Free Force Machining Technologies Inc.
  • Brock University
  • SNF Canada
  • Lincoln Fabrics
  • Rexroth Bosch Group
  • WSP
  • Mitutoyo Canada
  • Budget Sheet Metal
  • Henderson’s Pharmacy
  • Commercial Cleaning


  • Niagara Antique Power Association
  • 3M
  • Nick’s Truck Parts
  • ED Products Limited
  • A.D. Ratelle Enterprises
  • Kaupp Electric Ltd
  • Professional Engineers of Ontario Niagara Chapter
  • Riva Dentistry Professional
  • Little Caesars
  • Lakeside Electrical
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Cyberdyne Systems

What is DM High Voltage Robotics Team 2852?

You can learn and even become a sponsor of the DM High Voltage Robotics Team 2852 by visiting and FIRST Robotics at