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About services primarily the North American market, with shipping depots in both Canada and the United States.

As the vast majority of our work is B2B (with non-disclosure agreements), we do not operate a store front nor advertise our location, as such, visits to the shop are strictly controlled.

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We provide custom design and production services using high-end top of the line equipment for engraving, etching, marking, annealing, stamping, embossing and cutting services across a variety of materials and applications.

Our client base and their requirements are as diversified as our capabilities.

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From stainless steel and laminates through to leather and woods – we are here to fulfill your professional needs on time, on budget and with awesome customer service ~ including 24 hour turnaround (project depending). You can read more about our unique capabilities by visiting What’s Unique About

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About the Founder

Jonathan has made a name for himself around the world as a published author, self-taught model designer (over 300+), professional CNC machine operator and has been passionate about the CNC industry for over two decades.

After almost a decade of traveling and living overseas, he decided to come back to establish a custom fabrication and engraving shop that has no equal.

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Jon in Make Magazine (2014), Volume 40, page 19

If you want to master something, teach and share your knowledge.

These are some of the books he’s published regarding topics he’s passionate about.

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If you want to gain a deeper understand of where all this began, check out this blog post.