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Put our top quality equipment to use for your custom project!


We are passionate about CUSTOM! The challenges with the type  of work specializes are several but this is kept in check by using ONLY top of the line, industry leading equipment.

pocketknife Equipment

From our Austrian Trotec Speedy 400 flexx (110 watt CO2 & 30 watt fiber) industrial CNC laser with 5 nanometers (yes NANOmeters) accuracy across an endless variety of materials through to our custom shop furniture optimized for our unique applications and customer base.

pocketknife Equipment

We also have a host of other equipment from an industrial sized sand blasting cabinet to a custom designed and made down drafting table and the list goes on.

pocketknife Equipment

To get an idea of our capabilities, please watch these two videos that demonstrate an extreme of what we are capable with thanks to decades of experience using the best equipment in the market!

In this case, the base material was Corian but that could have just as easily been a mural several feet long made out of wood through laminates.

If you wish to read more about the process behind these two videos, feel free to read the following blog articles.

If you aren’t familiar with CNC equipment, watch this video to bring you up to date.

Our top of the line equipment allows us to create endless possibilities for you and your business.

pocketknife Equipment

We have also recently begun to offer custom waterjet cutting services for our customers.