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FAQ has a wealth of experience and knowledge about various CNC equipment, materials and how to best design and operate each one in an efficient matter – this is as important as having top of the line equipment as it means we don’t waste our time and your money fiddling around for optimal results.

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Can you design my project?

Sure, give us some details such as material of choice, size of the completed piece and budget – as a general rule of thumb, production and delivery but we will provide you with a quote. If you think we can design something for you for a hundred dollars and pump out widgets for 10 cents each, best to look elsewhere.

At each step of the way, you will be responsible for clearing your invoice with us, meaning that if you have us design a project and decide to not continue onto production, you are still responsible for paying for the designs and consultations.


I need a logo designed! Can you help?

We are a production company, not a graphic design studio – there are plenty of very talented designers out there who specialize in designing awesome logos, give them a chance and then come to us with a vector format (EPS, AI, PDF) and everybody will be happy.

You cut a project for us but I noticed there was a mistake in the file – can you cut it again?

Although we review each file before cutting or engraving it – along with some material testing if needed – at the end of the day, you are responsible for your design. If we see an error we will notify you but generally, if you want something cut again due to an error in your file, the cost is the same – there are no discounts though we may wave the set-up fee depending on the size of the project. Always triple check your files and we send proofs for approval as well – look at them VERY CAREFULLY!

cnc-laser-annealing-2 FAQ

How long does it take you to do XYZ?

General turnaround for projects is a few days but we do have a 24 express cutting option if you choose to take it. Depending on the scale of the project, materials and what we have on order, we may or may not be able to complete a project within that tight a deadline – please contact us after sending us the files and we’ll get back to you.


What kind of tag options do you offer? has Canada’s only dual-source CNC laser (CO2 and Fiber) which means that regardless of material, we can make a tag with it or anneal, etch, mark, engrave or cut it to suit your applications from stainless steel to anodized aluminium to laminates.

Our general sizing chart is found below – we can of course custom produce these at any size or application and these are available in brass, stainless steel, laminates, plastics, composites or anodized aluminium or anything else you need.

We can also powder coat these to match any color application you have in mind such as clear coating the 304SS so that it’s far more resistant to corrosion in mining applications – with, the options are endless… check out our Custom Metal Tag Production Guide.

cnc-laser-annealing-2 FAQ


Can I bring-in my own material?

Sure, that isn’t a problem but keep in mind that we will not cut vinyl using our CNC laser cutter – it releases chlorine which isn’t good for the machine or our health. If we have any doubts as to material composition or smell chlorine, we reserve the right to immediately cease production and bill you for cutting time and set-up.

I have a great idea but don’t know how to proceed…

We offer design and production consultations – we also have a network of experts across various industrial processes from injection molding to vacuum forming as well as some awesome IP lawyers whom we can put you into contact with once we know what direction you are headed.

If you need to have something mass-produced, we also have contacts both in North America and China that can help supply you with those needs depending on your timeline and quantities.


Are you guys an engineering firm? I have something I need designed in SolidWorks to meet XYZ international specs.

We are a production shop and design firm, not an engineering one – we do have contacts within the engineering field both small and multi-national should you require those services. Give us an idea and we’ll put you in touch with the right people.

Keep in mind that engineering firms aren’t cheap, don’t expect us to forward your request if you have a budget of only a few thousand dollars with some crazy timeline.

Where can I see some of your work? Also, my application or material isn’t found on this site… can you still help me?

There are millions of material options and even more applications out there, we wanted to focus on making stuff, not writing an exhaustive catalog of every possible project permutation possible. The easiest way for us to help you is for you to contact us.

OMG, my question isn’t here! I’m totally lost!

Relax, just contact us! Worse comes to worse, we tar and feather your idea but best comes to best, you enjoy something awesome!

cnc-laser-annealing-2 FAQ