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pocketknife Custom Corporate Gifting... the clock is ticking!

Custom Corporate Gifting… the clock is ticking!

You hear that? It’s the sound of the clock ticking louder and louder as we get close to Christmas and the New Year! Want to give your best clients something extra special that makes you stand-out and truly show your appreciation? Hire the pros at to design and produce something awesome! We have the skills, we have the equipment and most importantly, you have time left!

pocketknife Custom Corporate Gifting... the clock is ticking!

Our CNC laser can engrave wood and anneal steel in ONE PROCESS with ultimate precision.

From the simple pocket knife that’s laser engraved with your logo… nah, just kidding… let’s do something cool like the top 5 reasons your company RULES laser annealed on each blade (it won’t ever come off) or how about a cool new mural in the front reception showcasing a group photo of you and all your employees laser marked on a solid sheet of stainless steel that’s 1 inch thick and will last until the dinosaurs rule the Earth once more! Not into steel? Then how about using your own products (scraps?) to make a collage or to build a 3D object that’s as big or small as you want to leave at the front desk or used to create the entire front desk itself! That would certainly turn heads! We can even engrave ceramic tiles or the slate around a fireplace with your corporate logo or milestones… yeah… that’s cool stuff!

Let your imagination run wild, we can certainly help you out in that department… so that when your staff return from the holidays, they have something “wow, that’s cool” addition to the office to bring-up morale! Have a fridge door that’s had better days? Well, we can put a new front plate on it out of laminate and laser engrave all the names or major achievements of your company… corporate gifting isn’t just about what you do for clients but also for people who make sure those clients are happy!

pocketknife Custom Corporate Gifting... the clock is ticking!

We don’t import cheap resin awards and stick a name on them, we design and cut/build them in-house to your specs! has been designing things for years, the owner has published over a thousand pages across four book volumes, giving ideas to others with CNC equipment so just imagine what we can do for you! The easiest way for us to proceed is that you give us a budget, that will decide if what we produce is engraved on solid gold bars or cut out onto A4 paper, then we can work on the details and get designs finished in as short as a day.

We love creativity and are incredibly passionate about making something totally awesome for you… please allow us the opportunity to surprise your employees, clients and visitors with something that yells the success you’ve enjoyed over the past year!

pocketknife Custom Corporate Gifting... the clock is ticking!

Annealed 304 Stainless Steel business card.

Give us a call and let us come-up with something cool that showcases your company, shows staff appreciation, boosts morale and gives clients the perfect excuse to do even more business with you! can do it!