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text-ornament-stand-xx Custom Holiday Ornament Production Ideas

Custom Holiday Ornament Production Ideas

Let’s review some custom holiday ornament production ideas, I thought it would be a good idea for both our corporate and “people” customers as to what a custom CNC shop can make just for them!

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Before we get too deep with ideas, I want you to keep in mind that we are a custom production shop, meaning you tell us what you want, at what price point (budget) and how many units you want (volume) and we put it all together to get going on making this just for you! Custom holiday ornament production is just one of many applications for our work.

The major advantage to this approach is that everything can be as personalized as you want, meaning each and every item can be custom fabricated and branded however you wish.

For instance, we can make a phone holder branded with your logo and each one with an individual letter engraved right into it thanking your customers (or loved one) however you wish using any font, size or combination of images you want.

Personalized and Custom Stamps

This idea of ultimate personalization can also extend from simple to complex stamping solutions using multiple color pads and you can even have a matching set of, let’s say a custom branded coaster with matching custom stamp and wall plaque. We can also make custom stamps that you then use with paper to make your very own custom holiday ornament.

Keep in mind that if you want to make your own custom holiday ornament made of paper, use our custom stamps to make your own using paper. The options we offer you are as endless as your imagination and budget will allow.

Custom Holiday Ornament

Of course, ultimate customization can also extend far beyond just something you hand out, it can be custom holiday ornaments as well, out of any material in any quantity you want.

We can make custom live edge wooden ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree which are integrated with an image of your family and friends.

Even large-scale items!

We are not limited to small items at neither, we are able to custom produce an item that fits in your hand and scaled-up to something that can be as big as a real Christmas Tree!

As everything is custom-made in our shop, mixing and matching design elements across a vast swath of applications, from custom laser cut greeting cards to personalized stocking suffers, we can make them all just for you!

Luggage Tags

Going on vacation or want a way to tag things you enjoy the most in a unique and permanent fashion, we can also make custom metal, wood, laminate or again, any material custom tags to brand gifts you mail out or care bags you give to your employees. We can even make those bags out of any material so they stand out all the more!

Name Tags

From novelty to professional, we can also get your company off to a wonderful new start after the holidays by making a whole bunch of custom name badges and tags for your employees or, if you are starting a new business, personalized with your own unique traits for attending and standing out at networking events and conferences.

Custom Hangers!

If you are like me, there is no such thing as too many hangers, and again, can offer you totally custom branded and designed hangers that stand out and hey, if somebody steals it, at least they are promoting your brand! Again, any material, any scale (go massive novelty size!) or design elements you want!

Custom Coasters & Cutting Boards

We are not limited in any way to any one application or idea, want to give your customers or loved ones matching custom hangers, coasters and cutting boards in the shape (and design elements) of your favorite sporting team? can make them just for you, in both highly durable Corian through Stainless Steel and Pine. It’s COMPLETELY UP TO YOU!

House Numbers… never looked so awesome!

Maybe you just moved into a new house or have a friend or family member who did, give them something unique and that will make them remember you each and every time they go back to their home. House number signs can be as wacky and unique or conservative as you want. We work across a massive range of materials to make something unique just for you!

Give the Gift of Light!

Not only that, we can also integrate LED lighting in our work, so if you wanted a glowing house number sign out of cement, we can make that for you too! The advantage of custom production is that no idea or application is too far out there, given the budget is big enough to support your ideas!

The Gift of Savings

Let’s say you want to give that special someone who ultimate bank to store their coins in, yes, can also make that to spec, in any material, quantity and size you want! Have a photo of the person what you want blown REAL SIZE and turned into a coin bank, we do that too!

Cake Topper too!

Have a special family reunion, birthday or anniversary coming up? We can make a cake topper that matches the thought and consideration you’ve put into the food that will be complement your dietary requests. We can’t make custom cake toppers that won’t cause you indigestion if you eat them but we can make some pretty neat cake toppers that you’ll be proud to share on social media and photographs!

Puzzling Puzzles

Custom puzzles out of any material is another item we can produce for you, not only do we give you control over the image that will appear but also all the sizes, number and additional details found on each puzzle piece itself! We can go as crazy or simple as you want!

Quite literally, we can transform anything into a custom holiday ornament and vice versa.

Furniture and Unique Toys

We have well over a decade of experience making unique furniture and toy pieces for you to enjoy, from small items that you can take out of your pockets to big items you can actually drive up and down the road. Give us the opportunity to make completely different items to your spec and with an internal design capabilities, we can work off your sketch to transform an idea into physical reality in record time!

In summary…

This is only a small fraction of what we can for you, from custom cutting boards…

to mirrors that will WOW anybody getting time…

to ultimate live edge wall plaques…

and even permanently engraved garden ornaments and stones, is the solution you didn’t even know existed to your custom problems!

Contact us right now for your custom production needs, corporate, government, institutional or personal, is here to help!

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