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laminate-sign-x7 Custom Lamacoids 101

Custom Lamacoids 101

I have to admit, my far my most favorite demonstration with custom lamacoids was the high visibility signage I made with mosquitoes, no matter how alone you think you are in nature, these little buggers are always there to keep you company.

Custom Lamacoids 101: High Contrast Is Best

As with custom rubber stamps, when it comes custom lamacoids for signs or anything else, high contrast, ideally, black and white imagery, is the best, and yes, can help you with that if all you have are faded images.

The layer of contrasting plastic on the very top surface is very thin and it’s either vaporized or it isn’t, as such, how do you do a “half vaporized”? You want amazing contrast, vector EPS black and white so that everything is resolution independent and on/off works wonders.

blue-name-badge-xx2 Custom Lamacoids 101

I fully realize that sometimes that isn’t possible, so there are ways “around that” that I’ve developed at but like the self-portrait on red on white custom lamacoids below, you can see that the “middle tone” just doesn’t pop like the rest, which isn’t something you want generally.

Custom Lamacoids 101: Endless Color Combinations

It’s honestly endless the color combinations when it comes to custom lamacoids, has a binder full of these variations, and the thicknesses are also all over the map, so when you contact us with your lamacoid requirements, it helps to say “I want green on black” with information about the application it will be used for.

This is important as it cuts down the options significantly, some custom lamacoids look like metal (won’t last as long as the real thing) while others look like pastels or SOLID “in your face” colors.

blue-name-badge-xx2 Custom Lamacoids 101

The application will help outline what thickness or material combination works best, I’ll deal with that a bit more next but generally, if it’s “alone” you want thicker and if the lamacoid is to be glued against something, you want it thinner.

Custom Lamacoids 101: Thick VS Thin

As mentioned, if is making custom name badges, we are either going with a thick lamacoid, say 1/8th” or 3 mm thick OR using a super thin lamacoid glued onto something that is that thickness, generally MDF.

Why? Because lamacoids are plastic and as such can be flimsy and will wear down with time, having a solid backing or making it from a thick sheet helps add significant thickness to the custom lamacoid name badge in this application example.

blue-name-badge-xx2 Custom Lamacoids 101

There is no real difference in the lamacoid quality or contrast when using a thicker core alone or thin custom lamacoid with a backing, it generally just depends on what we have in stock and more significantly, if anything needs to be done to the back of it like additional engravings by

Custom Lamacoids 101: Not Better or Worse Than X Material

A common question I get from customers is if custom lamacoids are better or worse than say their wood, metal or glass cousins for a given application.

It really depends on the overall scope of the project, for one-off name badges, metal would be prohibitively expensive but crazy durable by comparison.

And check out this other video focused on comparing custom lamacoids out of wood with their real wood version, you’ll see right away which one you prefer.

Custom Lamacoids 101: Incredible Design Options

Like wood, custom lamacoids, even when doing short runs, are an amazing material uses for a host of applications where lots of different shapes, sizes and engravings are required in one production run.

Doing a one-off of the following two name badges out of anything, including wood for this color combination, would be expensive and take a while, custom lamacoids makes it easy!

blue-name-badge-xx2 Custom Lamacoids 101 has access to hundreds of different custom lamacoid color, thickness and design options, so you also don’t need to be a designer yourself, give us an idea of what you want and we will make it.

Custom Lamacoids 101: Mix & Match

Congrats, you are now well on your way to becoming a custom lamacoid Jedi Master, just a few more notes to complete your training! has many applications where aspects of the project we have are done in part with lamacoids, the other wood or other materials, as you saw in the above photos and videos, you can see that’s no problem, essentially the same design made out of custom solid Oak…

Or even solid metal…

Can be made using the same design file, with a few slight changes to account for material specific tolerances.

As such, if you want your name badges to match your wine bottles…

custom coasters…

and anything else, can do it no problem all in “one shot” for you!

We LOVE doing custom work, day in and out, that’s what we do, if you wanted a huge set of oversized dominos with a lamacoid front, we can do it!

Custom Lamacoids 101: PASSION FOR LAMACOIDS!

I can’t count how many custom lamacoids has used over the years, from wall signage to name badges, it’s just amazing fun to be given the opportunity to help customers around the world with their custom needs, big or small.

We also help a lot of big companies with their marketing, HR recognition products and other things that are just as much fun, it’s an incredible opportunity to be given this amount of confidence by our customers, and I cherish it every day in the shop.

You want custom, regardless of material, shape or size? Contact right now!