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custom-machine-plate-x4 Custom Metal Plates and Tags

Custom Metal Plates and Tags from the very beginning has focused heavily on offering totally custom metal plates and tag services, though we have standard sizes in stock as well.

Why Metal?

We offer custom solutions in a huge variety of materials, wood through laminates, solid surface (like Corian) through to rubber and just about anything else out there but metal has many advantages. Ordering custom metal plates and tags has never been easier!

It’s incredibly durable, engraved anodized aluminium or annealed stainless steel will outlast just about anything out there. Unlike UV printing or screen printing or just about any other technology out there, our solutions will not fade, crack or peel off in the environment they will be found in. They are not affected by direct sunlight, machine vibrations and require a sand belt to remove the markings.

We can offer custom metal solutions because of our equipment. This is due to the fact that we have an industrial CO2 and FIBER laser tubes in our Austrian wide-format machine and a CNC router. This is a fantastic combination. Although we do offer limited material bending, our expertise is in 2D shapes and 3D structures (made of 2D shapes).

Types of Metal

Although we work across a large variety of metals such as brass, most of our work in custom metal production is in stainless steel (generally 304) and anodized aluminium. For the vast variety of applications out there that our customers request our services in, these are the two categories that suit them fine about 95% of the time.

The advantage of stainless steel is the annealing we can do with our fiber laser source, producing a permanent black annealing on the surface and it’s food safe as well as there are no chemicals or added surface compounds to “protect” the stainless steel though we can offer that if you wish, in the form of clear coat powder coating.

The advantage of anodized aluminium are the colors available, aluminium is also easier to work with as it’s a “softer metal” compared with stainless steel.

Are there alternatives to custom metal tags and plates?

Of course, offers you solutions across a huge variety of materials, and that includes polycarbonate color changing.

We use our CO2 laser source (or CNC router) to produce the shape of the tag you want and then switch to our fiber laser source to transform the surface from transparent to a very black color using no chemicals.

Do you offer “standard” metal tags and plates too?

You bet! We do keep inventory and when ever customers order custom metal solutions from us, we always get a few extra done which we use either for other clients (these are blank plates and tags) or to show you in videos or demonstration purposes to get other projects.

Something that’s very popular are our blank thin and thick business cards out of stainless steel and anodized aluminium for instance, many companies with lasers and routers order these from us. These can be used for a huge variety of purposes, one customer’s business card is another’s custom name badge or waypoint locator.

Do you do welding or XYZ tags?

Yep, any shape, any size, any material, though generally, our standard size works fine and we keep a ton of these in stock for our welding customers. Again, the advantage of our custom welding tags is that the information you see on them is PERMANENT, you can even weld them to your project or rivet them without fear of anything coming off.

The custom metal solutions we offer are used across a large variety of industries including individuals who use these “welding tags” as name badges. There are so many applications for metal, especially the custom stuff!

How do you go custom with your metal plate and tag solutions?

The easiest way for you to get us the info you want is to give us an idea of the application (that will let us know which metal is best if you aren’t sure) and how many you want. Then, send us a drawing, either CAD or just a hand drawing with dimensions of what you want with your rough budget. We can then offer you solutions to suit the volume, materials and budget you have.

Of course, after the blank metal plate or tag is produced, we can then anneal or engrave it with your personalization – so we have you covered all the way through the custom metal process! As for timeline, custom generally takes about a week (depending on volume and material selection).

What else can be made with metal?

A ton of things, from custom coasters (and their inserts) through to mining tags, security tags, QR coded tags and the list goes on and on. For some applications, we make custom brass tags for industrial valve identification and others, it’s pet identification tags for your dog or car or any other animal you have.

The resolution we achieve is also fantastic, up to a thousand DPI though we generally work with 600 DPI, the same resolution as your paper laser printer, but PERMANENTLY onto metals of all kinds.

Get your custom metal plates and tags from!

Going totally custom with your metal plates and tags (or any other material) is EASY! Just tell us what you want and we’ll make it. We also keep inventory on hand so if your timeline is YESTERDAY and you are in a rush, we can still offer you a variety of options if your totally to spec stuff just isn’t possible in the timeline you provide to us.

Just about everything we do here at is completely custom, so any questions you may have about the process, ask away!

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