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Custom Pyrography Services offers custom pyrography services, what is pyrography?

It’s essentially burning the surface of the wood to make an image, whether it’s text or highly complex geometry, makes no difference.

Before the advent of CNC machines, whether it’s CNC router or CNC laser, this was done by hand using a wood burning kit, something that still employs to this day for certain projects by the way.

cottage-wood-sign-xxx1 Custom Pyrography Services

The image above was actually darkened by hand after being CNC routed, why?

Because this was the effect we were after for this demonstration, however amazing our Austrian CNC laser is, it doesn’t replace other tools when a particular effect is required.

The advantage of using our industrial wide-format laser to perform pyrography though is quite simply, we can do things REPEATABLY and RELIABLY in a fraction of the time it would take a normal human hand to perform the same task.

cottage-wood-sign-xxx1 Custom Pyrography Services

Doing something like the above by hand would be incredibly tedious, possible yes, mind numbing, totally!

Now, if you wanted a dozen of these made, it’s just about impossible to do by hand, the human brain just isn’t made to do the same thing repeatedly and reliably over a short period of time.

For big details, custom pyrography using our laser works great, but we can also perform extremely small custom pyrography as well, take a look at this piece of live edge basswood.

cottage-wood-sign-xxx1 Custom Pyrography Services

You can see very fine and highly detailed columns of wood, trying to achieve depth and expert burning is incredibly difficult to do by hand, our laser does this type of custom pyrography no problem at all!

We are able to work off natural elements to create period appropriate designs and pieces, the wood log round below looks like it was branded using a hot iron but far more precisely because we sanded it after production.

We could have just left the burn marks on it to make something more apt to the times using our custom pyrography services. is able to make custom outlines that follow the custom pyrograhic image like I did with this custom moose inspired key holder made out of whitewood.

cottage-wood-sign-xxx1 Custom Pyrography Services

Most custom pyrography is done at the upper surface, is able to do that too, but also add another element, DEPTH.

It really makes a big difference with lighting and shadows when some depth is added.

Although, unlike the cottage fish sign above, where we used our CNC router to dig into the wood, in this case, we are doing the reverse, engraving everything EXCEPT the element we want so that it “pops” and as a result, we can then run it through our industrial laser to darken the flat sections, producing a very different effect. has endless custom pyrography capabilities, from large-scale signage to small little key chains, it’s a field that never really ends and can be done using just about any medium as well, even if it isn’t wood.

cottage-wood-sign-xxx1 Custom Pyrography Services

Although not strictly custom pyrography, the same “effect” can be achieved onto other materials, from glass to lamacoids, metal to rubbers.

You may want something totally unique and “never seen before” and that’s what can do for you and even better, do it repeatedly so that you have more than one copy, whether it’s the same or different, makes no difference at all to us.

Something a pyrography artist can’t do though is mix the cutting and burning aspects of a design together, can do that seamlessly, so elements can be done at different depths.

How deep? Watch this video.

We are also able to perform custom pyrography services to create unique gifts, again, something that meshes both cutting and pyrography in something like this chipmunk puzzle.

The speed of‘s equipment, the precision of our industrial laser and our expertise across a huge variety of design styles and materials allows us to really make just about anything out of anything for our customers around the world.

cottage-wood-sign-xxx1 Custom Pyrography Services

From custom pyrography services used to make cake toppers out of plywood (or anything else) to incredibly detailed art pieces that due to NDA we can’t show you, we’ve done it all!

The amount of attention detail doesn’t change based on the scale or the volume, each piece can be sent to us digitally from a high precision and DPI scan what we need to engrave at a thousand DPI down to something simple requiring only a few hundred DPI.

cottage-wood-sign-xxx1 Custom Pyrography Services

Due to the precision of our industrial laser, fonts can be outlined and always have the same width across images, something that’s just about impossible to do repeatedly by hand.

So easily mixing and matching elements, using the images YOU want, the fonts YOU need and producing something that means something special to YOU to keep or give to somebody is something does a lot of.

If you are looking for custom pyrography services, contact right now!