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joncnckingtrike Enjoy the Holidays! (cast finally off)

Enjoy the Holidays! (cast finally off)

I haven’t posted anything for the past month for two reasons. The first, I got out of bed at the end of November and fell which dislocated my elbow and broke a few bones – here’s a good summary of something close to what happened to me.

Nothing wakes you up faster than trying to lift yourself off the ground and then you realize your elbow isn’t even connected to your arm anymore!

The second, has been crazy busy on customer projects leading up to Christmas, throw-in the above accident and being stuck in a cast for the better part of the last month, and you can imagine how things that were once “fast” to do went “way slower or just not possible”!

The good new is that today I finally got my cast removed and the fracture along with everything else I did to my elbow and forearm are now able to be rehabbed.

Cleaning-up the shop etc. today after a month of neglect is a wonderful way to regain my freedom of motion.

Everything totally healed, there is no hint of a fracture and if it wasn’t for the screws in my arm, you’d think nothing ever happened.

text-ornament-stand-xx Enjoy the Holidays! (cast finally off)

I think the reason for quick healing at my age, is because I’ve always been very active with weight training and actually started running about a week before my accident, so all the muscles, tendons and blood vessels were well-developed and nourished before my accident which helps tremendously when it comes to recover and the now rehab.

My dominant right arm has been in jail and now that it’s free, it’s time to get it back into working order and I’m happy at the progress it’s making.

Still very stiff from the initial breaking and then “no moving” for the past month but I figure I’ll be back in about a month to what I was like before, until then, my range of motion in my right arm will only improve on a daily basis.

CNCs are great even when you only have one arm!

Considering how many ways that I could hurt myself in the shop, it’s getting out of bed that got me but it was a wonderful reminder at how wonderful CNC machines really are!

There were lots of other tasks I wasn’t able to do so friends and family were helping me out in the shop but having a machine that can etch, cut, engrave and do what I told it is something I never gave a second thought about until I had this accident happen.

This is the first day that I’ve been able to type, for instance, since end of November, I’ve been using one finger to type, and as such, writing thousand word blog posts, doing videos and all the other fun stuff I do there wasn’t going to happen.

Enjoy the Holidays!

Now that my arm finally has freedom again and all our customer orders are shipped, I look forward to putting the videos I did film together and sharing with all our customers and soon-to-be customers how we go about making awesome stuff here at

With the past month cutting down a lot on my activity, I actually decided to try a few new initiatives once I was again in tip-top shape to being a little custom to other people’s lives which I look forward to launching in the new years.

To everything reading this, I hope you enjoy the holidays with friends and family, remember, you only have one health, take good care of it so that when you experience a set-back, you’ll be that much further ahead towards getting back into shape.