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Evolution of

It’s been a few weeks since I officially launched and it’s a wonderful reminder of how began where things are both extremely easy and hard.

What’s easy?

Well, all the headaches and technology that went into making possible was essentially copied over to make work, from the theme to blog to plugins, server space, Vimeo account and so forth.

animal-tea-light-x7 Evolution of is running extremely well off the cloud, so although has 3 blog posts thus far to this site’s almost 2 000, it’s run the same way and will be able to handle traffic and orders when they come.

What’s hard? is a full-time job, so can on its own and as such, I gave myself another job to handle between the job of running this main site which makes things interesting.

It has taken a bit of time to adapt to the new reality of trying to launch another business while running a growing and successful one but I knew that from the start and it’s actually why I started

animal-tea-light-x7 Evolution of

I see the other site becoming my “salary” sort of speak where it’s relatively easy work that’s consistent and will lead to more business for both sites as there is tremendous cross-over potential.

Where it’s hard is that the traffic just isn’t there, and it won’t be there, until probably a year or two down the road.

animal-tea-light-x7 Evolution of started with ONE BLOG POST and a few pages, that’s grown into thousands since then but right now, is the size this site was way back then.

It’s a good reminder as to where things began and how much potential is possible with a simple idea properly executed.

Like before, it takes a lot of work to build-up a business and a brand, and you really have to be in it for the long hull, and although I closed a year ago, it still lives on within the blog posts and pages of which I’m very proud of.

Overall, the exercise that is is a refreshing break from all the custom work I do here at across wood, metal and plastic but at the same time, offering custom options to customers that otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to generally help with their needs in a cost-effective matter.

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I truly believe there is incredible potential for both business and a synergistic relationship between them at the same time, where one ends, the other begins and as such, it will just take a few years for everything to mature into their full potential.

I have yet to meet somebody who hated or disliked the idea behind, and I’ve produced quite a few of these to give to clients at the end of projects with great joy and appreciation, I just have to be patient and hard-working until it develops its own legs.

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I really enjoy making all these videos, painting and building – sometimes I can go weeks without painting anything or designing anything “new” while with, I can do all this and a lot more on a daily basis.

Check the site out and if you have any custom requirements, contact me!

animal-tea-light-x7 Evolution of