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cnc-laser-navajo-plane Flat Rate Pricing

Flat Rate Pricing has a very simple system when it comes to giving pricing to our customers and it’s called FLAT RATE from production to shipping.

You might think that flat rate pricing is tough on two accounts, is neither the post office nor a material supplier but we’ve done and shipped so much “custom” across mostly North America that we don’t have to wait for materials to come into the shop nor the post man to give us a quote for us to quote you!

medieval-tower-bank-model-kit-1 Flat Rate Pricing

When I started, I did away with “industry standards” that, in the simplest of ways, quotes project based on an hourly rate plus materials and shipping.

I myself find this approach confusing and frustrating, why?

Because I don’t know how much money a project is worth (though I have an idea) and the customer doesn’t know to begin with what the final bill will be.

medieval-tower-bank-model-kit-1 Flat Rate Pricing

So, how am I within a few minutes able to give a quote that won’t change based on the specs you’ve provided including everything involved with making said project?

A highly educated guess!

I know, that seems totally nuts for a custom shop to essentially grab numbers from the air for a custom project that can run in the thousands of dollars but it isn’t a random guess, it’s a number that’s generated based on EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE!

medieval-tower-bank-model-kit-1 Flat Rate Pricing

Think of it this way, you know what time you need to wake-up in order to get to work on time, you know that if you stop by a store along the way, how much time you have in the store before you enter so that you still end-up on time at your job.

Well, with me running, I know the prices of raw materials, I know roughly how long it will take to get them, roughly how long we’ll have to work to get the finished product made and shipped to you.

medieval-tower-bank-model-kit-1 Flat Rate Pricing

This is by no way a “traditional” way to run a business but it’s exactly the same way I ran my 3D animation studio 20 years ago and how I ran all my other businesses since and previously, to me, it makes more sense.

I’ve been doing “custom” in one fashion or another for more than 20 years, coming-up with a design, pricing and shipping is pretty straight forward and that’s why when we chat online, one of the first questions I ask is your budget so I know if your ballpark is in the realm of mine.

Custom can so go many ways “wrong” or “right” but having experience making custom day in and out gives me the confidence with experience to back-up my best guesstimate and you know what, I’m pretty much on the ball at this point.

So whether it’s custom coasters made out of Corian with paint filled and inlayed pieces or waterjet custom metal signs, has got me to give you a spot quote that I can stick to and if it’s different from your budget, then we can work on how to make it work with that as well.

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