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Graphic, offensive, illegal and hate filled woodcrafting videos

Apparently, Google Video is really scared of wooden clocks and desktop organizers! I got two letters (so far) from Google stating the following:

Your video “Build your own wooden Desktop Organizer!” (and “Build
your own wooden Teaching Clock!” in another message) was rejected
because it didn’t comply with our policies.

Videos submitted to our program are subject to an initial review
to ensure that they comply with our guidelines. When videos do not
meet our standards, we disapprove them. The following explains our
content policies for uploading videos:

* You must have all necessary legal rights to the content.
* The video must not contain pornographic, nude, or obscene
* The subject matter in the video must not be illegal.
* The video cannot contain invasions of personal privacy.
* The video cannot contain promotions of hate or incitement
of violence.
* The video cannot contain graphic violence or other acts
resulting in serious injury or death.

For more information regarding Google Video policies, please visit:

Please make sure that your video complies with our policies /
listed above. If certain parts of your video don’t comply with our /
policies, please edit your footage and resubmit it for review.

Thank you for your cooperation.


The Google Video Team


This isn’t an isolated incident!

What I find odd is that I get the same types of rejection letters from quite a few other video services which I use to promote I don’t know if it’s the graphic nature of naked wood assembling into a carbon neutral item that will last longer than their companies that is the problem or people so use to illegal and pirate content that can’t wrap their heads around a product that isn’t conducive to these activities… I don’t get it.

Cover your eyes!

Now, please tell your children to go to bed and cover your monitor because I will, incredibly, present to you these incredibly graphic, offensive, illegal and hate filled woodcrafting videos to you!

One that I was expecting to cause some problems

I realize not everybody out there likes Halloween so I thought for sure, some video reviewer out there would surely post an objection to the 3D animation showcasing the assembly of a guillotine but that was accepted without a hitch. My guess is they had no clue what this contraption was. Who knows what these guys are thinking (if at all). You can find this and many other models of course, in the form of pre-cut kits or blueprints on our main site

The Bottom Line

Free, community based video reviewing systems aren’t worth a damn. (This post is full of sarcasm)