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Hello everybody, we are pleased to announce that is now a Ponoko Prime member. What this means is all our pre-cut kits are now going to enjoy a SUBSTANTIAL price decrease, how much? Well, an insane amount! As such, we are able to offer HEAVY discounts on all our pre-cut kits. We are currently running through all our items adding a “special price”. For instance:

  • our sturdy Platform Crane pre-cut kit we released just a few days ago has dropped from 74.95$ to 44.95$!
  • our period Medieval Puzzle: Street Cleaners has dropped from 179.95$ to 79.95$! (Update: now 74.95$)
  • our ever popular Mayan Temple Bank has gone from 129.95 to 74.95$!
  • the Full Armor Gear Transporter has gone from 199.95$ to 99.95$!
  • the Pre-Historic Dinosaur Collection featuring 5 different dinosaurs is now 59.95$, previously 124.95$
  • our Ferris Wheel went from 174.95$ to 79.95$!
  • our cute Super Snail is now 79.95$ instead of 144.95$!
  • our Pet Bowl Holder is available for just 49.95$ instead of 79.95$!
  • the Brontosaurus featured on Ponoko’s homepage has dropped from 144.95$ to just 64.95$!
  • … and the list goes on!

If you have already ordered a pre-cut kit with us, don’t worry, the new pricing will be honored and the difference credited to your account within the next few hours by PayPal. In the meantime, we will be adding “special pricing” so all our inventory over the next few days. Feel free, if you don’t see the pre-cut kit you wish to order, to contact us. All pre-cut kits pricing does not include the shipping price. As a result of this, we are now discontinuing our pre-cut templates but of course, blueprints are always available 🙂

Ferris Wheel Animation