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Introducing Free Woodworking Project Plans!

There has been a lot of demand by users and customers alike on our site about how to get their hands on our very unique woodworking project plans at no cost! Considering you cannot find any of our product plans on any other site and they are a fraction of what traditional woodworking shops sell theirs for, we hit the drawing board to figure out what was the best way to come to terms with this demand.

Solution to the “Free Blueprint” Demand

We figure the easiest solution to solving a growing issue is to deal with it head-on. So, starting today, with every order of a woodworking project plan, physical pre-cut kit or template, we will include a free level one blueprint… but there is a catch.

What’s the catch?

Well, you must submit to us by e-mail, pictures of your completed work and a short testimonial of how the entire project went, this can be one or two sentences or a whole book, we leave this up to you!

Is there a way around this catch?

You bet! Write a blog article about and you can get any level one blueprint you want from our site at no cost. These blueprints are for your personal use, not to be posted on your website or blog or redistributed by other means. If you post a follow-up article of how building your free blueprint went, you get another free level one blueprint of your choice! Be sure to contact us before you post the article, we can send you some videos, higher resolution imagery etc… to make your blog posting even better!

Reciprocity at it’s best

We believe in giving stuff away but in return, you must also provide us with some value, we hope that the above will get your wheels turning and we look forward to seeing the results of this well into the future.

New Breadbox Video

We began remaking our 3D animations a while ago, this one just got released a few hours ago!