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Keep Revver or Switch to Viddler?

As you know, all of our products on come with a 3D animation showing assembly to give you a better idea of how our models are built. This feature alone gives us a lot of attention and hasn’t been copied elsewhere (so far) and with the introduction of custom music to go along with said 3D wood animations, the bar was raised even higher for our industry! To keep our costs down, we decided almost from the very beginning to use a third party to host our videos, and so far, it has worked-out great… so far.

Why we love(d)

Revver is/was a great video sharing site, not only did they cover the bandwidth costs but they have a very easy to use user interface and even gave us an extra stream of revenue to boot! Since November, their system has been on the fritz but so far, all the videos they do have of ours do play fine. We just cannot upload any new ones until they get their main site back online. Revver has been in trouble for some while financially and being offline for days at a time (including right now) isn’t helping their bottom line nor confidence in their product. It is somewhat sad to see such a great idea slowly go into obscurity.

Here is a 3D animation of our lobster as run on

Why we love

Back when we started, it was a dead heat between using or to host our videos. They are both very similar though Viddler doesn’t have a well-developed revenue sharing system like Revver did, that was always a secondary concern to us. Their user interface and statistical systems aren’t to the same level of “ease of use” as Revver but should Revver go offline, we will be switching all our videos over to use the Viddler system.

Here is a 3D animation of our lobster as run on

Why not switch now?

Our biggest issue is simply time, it would take a few days of straight editing to get all our videos from one system to another, we always had a “backup” with Viddler, meaning when we sent videos to Revver, they where also being sent to Viddler (along with a few other sites) but changing code is a pain. Secondary to this, Revver has a larger following and community than Viddler, though this will probably change in the near future. We produce our videos for a number of reasons, one to help our great customers, to garner attention and marketing of our own company. Right now, we are honestly sitting on the fence, our videos load fine so our business isn’t affected and if Revver is down when we got to make an update, we will begin the Viddler switch-over or if all our videos go down, again, Revver will force our hand. Luckily, we are working on some rather big projects for right now so it will take a little time before we need to upload some new stuff.,