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Kit & Shape Material Options

To spend time to list every possible material we can cut out the shapes and kits found on would be an exhausting exercise, that’s why we “default” to MDF and ask you to contact us if you want something a little different.

Why default to MDF?

MDF is very bad stuff, the fine particulate gets thrown in the air and causes headaches and isn’t healthy for lungs. The good thing is this isn’t an issue with CNC lasers! So, putting that aside, this material is very easy to paint, burn into, engrave or just about anything else once you get our blanks (or contact us for custom options!).

miyajimagate-x3-640x480 Kit & Shape Material Options

Other Material Options

As we cut all our kits and shapes here at on-demand, it means we don’t need to hold any inventory. The advantage of that is being able to customize things further for YOUR application instead of having to have continual sales to get the inventory off the shelf.

Let’s say you need a thousand little hearts cut out of paper and then painted red. Guess what? We can cut out red shiny metal paper so that you don’t have to paint them! Need a mix of red and white 3 mm acrylic ones in the batch to? No problem… we can easily cut up to 12 mm acrylic with our Austrian CNC Laser!

Thanks to the resources we’ve accumulated at sister company, we can also create metal blanks of any size and shape and get them powder coated or put in anodized aluminium. So, those original little wooden hearts you needed to be exactly 2.5 inches x 3.2 inches high can be made by us in wood (bamboo, ash, mahogany, cedar, particle board, MDF… ), anodized metal (you pick the color, send us the vector of the shape you want) or acrylic (tell us the color, thickness and opacity)… and to go any further, we can even get your heart cut 5 ft square out of one inch 304 stainless steel or aluminium!

We here at think it’s easier to build to YOUR specs and for YOUR needs. Contact us today, we have three facilities covering North America, Australia and Europe for more affordable shipping options and no customs if you are located within those areas.

I will be posting a blog article with samples of each of the materials you have available for these kits and custom orders as well tomorrow.