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world Laser Engraving the ENTIRE WORLD!

Laser Engraving the ENTIRE WORLD!

Yep, it’s a mighty task to laser engrave the ENTIRE WORLD but here at, we take massive challenges head-on!

world Laser Engraving the ENTIRE WORLD!

I wanted to create a new wood sample to replace some that are getting a little worn with something everybody can recognize, then the discussion goes away from “that’s a cool design” to “I want something awesome like that too!”

The challenge here was getting the settings right on the laser so I had just enough contrast to show the grain of the wood but not so much as to burn the hell out of the maple board it was going to be engraved with a world map. I wanted a solid but not too crazy contrast as I really love to show the natural beauty of the wood.

What I really like about this is that I can engrave, etch, mark or anneal this on anything, something I totally plan on doing – next step is either coated aluminium or stainless steel… ah, the decisions!

Watch the video of the entire world being CNC laser engraved onto maple before your eyes… I never get tired of this, it’s like magic as you don’t ever see anything touching the board, it just sort of vaporizes!


You’ll notice that the laser goes all the way across at the beginning even if there is only some details on the left – this is on purpose, it’s a feature in our JobControlX that creates a consistent engraving across the board as the head is always moving the same speed, this takes a little longer but from the results, well worth it. It’s the little things that differentiate something cool from something that’s awesome, laser engraving the world is a great case study of that!

So, there you have it, a company that’s willing to make the impossible reality… maybe next we’ll engrave THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!