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fieldstone Laser Engraving Natural Field Stone!

Laser Engraving Natural Field Stone!

Hiking is great fun and sometimes you bring back a souvenir for some CNC laser testing, in this case, we will be engraving natural field stone whose surface is nicely wore down and probably dates back to the dinosaurs (real, not wooden ones in yesterday’s blog post).

fieldstone2 Laser Engraving Natural Field Stone!

Biggest challenge here was finding a rock that was relatively flat as only a few mm out of focus will give uneven results, I countered this by increasing laser power to the max while decreasing engraving speed.

Suffice it to say, is about return on investment but these kinds of projects throw that out the window. What’s the point of having such an awesome machine and not have some fun with it!

fieldstone2 Laser Engraving Natural Field Stone!

The results looked alright when the stone was dry but throw some water on it and it comes to life and the contrast is awesome when it comes to engraving natural field stone! How long will this engraving last?

Well, I’m willing to bet archeologists in hundreds if not millions of years from now wondering what the hell happened to this rock and come-up with a lot of weird theories as to how this happened. This is one memento that can be passed-on generation to generation with little to no attention.

Watch this awesome sped-up engraving natural field stone video to see the action!

Real Application

So, what possible application could CNC laser engraving natural field stone have? Well, remember pet rocks, now we can engrave your name on it!

Not only that, architects can integrate this into their buildings – think corporate paperweights to wall inlays and plant gardens… it’s when you are having fun and trying new things that applications and entire new streams of revenue become apparent.

The same process is done whether it’s concrete, tile, rock, beach pebbles or any other natural hard surface.