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powdercoatcnclaser1 Laser Engraving Powder Coated Aluminium

Laser Engraving Powder Coated Aluminium has a variety of options when it comes to laser engraving materials including custom powder coating aluminium, bring your sheets of pretty much any size and we’ll remove the top coat revealing the aluminium underneath.

powdercoatcnclaser1 Laser Engraving Powder Coated Aluminium

What I really like about powder coated aluminium engraving are the flames you sometimes get, watch the video below on the big sheet and you’ll see some decent micro fires being generated as the laser vaporizes it right off. The results are nice and clean on some while others seem to maintain their original coating colours. I’ll have to do some more material testing to discover the reasons behind this. I’m guessing though this comes down to the texture, thickness and consistency of the coating… this is why material testing is essential! Even different industrial batches give different results.

powdercoatcnclaser1 Laser Engraving Powder Coated Aluminium

These business card sized plates came out pretty neat as well, they maintained their original color compared to the original top plate. Both have their pluses and minuses but I prefer the finish on the top one especially as it’s a textured and coloured wood grain that reveals the aluminium subplate. I could see myself making lots of stuff out of that one!


As you can see, fire and lasers aren’t the best of friends with our camera equipment… even with the auto focus turned off!