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Cardboard comes in endless sizes, shapes, textures and thicknesses, luckily has extensive experience with materials of all kinds including different grades of cardboard from fibrous to corrugated.

honey-nuts-card-9 Cardboard

We can cut all grades of cardboard, from consumer to industrial.

If you are looking for some cardboard to be cut or engraved, we have the machine, the experience and the passion to turn your dream project into reality using either stock cardboard or, more creatively, recycled cardboard from a variety of sources from cereal to product boxes.

honey-nuts-card-9 Cardboard

Cardboard stencil cut with our Austrian CNC laser’s CO2 laser source.

This material is easy to work with and unlike an orbital knife, our CNC laser is always sharp and can produce outstanding results repeatable and reliably.

honey-nuts-card-9 Cardboard

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