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Acting very much like stone, ceramics engraving using our CO2 laser produces very consistent results even on uneven surfaces by vaporizing the top finish, leaving the substrate exposed.

The results we achieve with our high precision and power CNC laser is quite incredible! can actually remove the top polished layer and engrave into just about any tile (the finer the grain the better the DPI results) without damaging its structural strength. This can then be paint filled and sealed.

lasertile-4 Ceramics(SEE HOW IT WAS MADE!)

The advantage to this substrate is that it easily accepts powder coating or enamel paint as it has such large amount of roughness (though consistent) surface roughness. This hides the random subsurface banding you see in the above picture.

As most substrates are inconsistent (as seen in the picture above), paint filling is generally done after the initial engraving process is finished.

Generally industrial ceramics have a better quality finish and due to their heat resistive nature, produce the best results but material testing will be required as price alone isn’t a guide as to ceramic quality or the effects that we can achieve with our laser.

lasertile-4 Ceramics

Our Trotec Speedy 400 flexx has a massive bed and with pass-through ability, we can easily handle tiles up to a meter wide (39 inches) and several inches in height weighing several hundred pounds if needed.

Regardless of ceramic color, texture or even type, is your best choice for the ultimate ceramic tile or widget customization.

We also have an industrial sand blasting cabinet which allows us to engrave ceramics using laser cut masking where the application warrants it.

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