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If you have some concrete that needs some unique, regardless of the mix, can engrave into it and even color change it to a deep permanent black (mix depending).

cementbrick Concrete

Whether your concrete is old or new, big or small, we can apply a variety of laser settings to it to produce results that are permanent and precise.


Generally these are used for monuments or to embellish buildings but our laser process can work just as well with poured paving stones and a variety of related products, including concrete tile of various sizes, thicknesses and surface textures. We can even handle tiles made of glass, wood, plastic or even solid stone like slate, marble or quartz!

Our laser is also able to engrave on more than one side of a concrete brick if needed, so you can have one engraving on the “front”, another on the “back” and even others running along the sides if your plans require this.

cementbrick Concrete(SEE HOW IT WAS MADE)

Contact us if you have any application or material questions and be sure to also visit our Stone materials page for further insight.