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Corian®, Avonite®, Fountainhead® or other similar materials used for countertops and wall paneling all engrave very well using our Austrian CNC laser.

The end result can be left as-is or color filled using a variety of paints and other materials.

corean Corian

We can provide cut lines (like in the above picture) if you wish to cut it yourself using a bandsaw then sand or we can cut them in a secondary process using our CNC router or in-house non-CNC equipment.

The results produced by our Austrian CNC laser are consistent in both depth and precision, whether you have one or a thousand pieces forming a mural. We can do it!

corean Corian

CNC laser engraved Corian looks awesome paint filled too!

corean Corian

With our massive bed size, we can handle individual pieces up to a meter wide by as long as you need. If you want to gain a glimpse of what options are available material wise for Corian, check out the Custom Corian Color Options blog post.

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