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Leather, both natural and synthetic, is an awesome material to laser engrave, whether you need a full-leather hide laser cut and engraved to celebrate a Scout meet or have some luggage that you never want to lose or have stolen, our laser is the best solution to your problems.

leather-1 Leather(SEE HOW IT WAS DONE)

The leather you see in the above photo has been on this case for more than 20 years, as you can see, once it has been cleaned, the engraving process does its magic. Generally, leather tends to have a light brown tint to it when it has been coloured but we are able to give it a darker burned-in look depending on the quality of the hide and any chemical processes applied to it in production.


Material sampling is a must but as this isn’t generally a man-made material, there will be slight variations in color throughout the engraved work giving it that ultimate custom feel.

leather-1 Leather

From the above picture, you can gain a sense of the amazing resolution we can achieve using natural or synthetic leather (this is natural). Our process is computer controlled and our cutting / engraving bed is huge – we can cut a whole series of belts faster than any other process in the market and even engrave them at the same time!


If you have patterns needing cutting for everything from boots and purses to dresses, lasers singe the edges and seal them in, keeping your leather looking great for years to come. We can help you with many kinds of leather including natural, synthetic, napped, alcantara, nubuck, suede and velous.

leather-1 Leather

A light dusting after vaporizing a layer of genuine leather is all that’s required after laser engraving leather. The results are permanent, precise and repeatable.

Our laser has other great advantages with this material, there is no pressure or contact on the material itself during the cutting or engraving process and we are faster than a digital cutting plotter as we have no resistance issues, meaning we don’t need any clamps to hold it down and our results do not produce any tears on even the most delicate leathers.

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